October 1st, 2009
05:57 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 9/30/09

Editor's Note: We heard from many of you on the  “Kids killing Kids in Chicago” piece last night. Some tried to make sense of it by giving theories on why it is happening and how it can be stopped. Thanks was heard for the “Keeping Them Honest” segment on the problems with health insurance forms. And many of you weighed in on the Roman Polanski case. What do you have to say? Let us know – we want to hear from you!

The solution is not more cops, but better parenting. Too many kids are growing up in abusive relationships and broken homes. We must promote trust and respect to children otherwise the problem of hate and violence will continue to plague our nations. Peace

I am very disturbed by the violence in Chicago and the death of this young man, yet I also am frustrated that you continue to use the headline "Kids Killing Kids." These are boys killing boys and we need to recognize the prevalence of violence in the male American culture. Imagine how people would react if these were girls killing girls or boys. You know that the emphasis would be on the girls; therefore, I ask that you please do not use a gender neutral term, such as "kids" to describe the acts of these boys and that you explore more deeply the experiences and lessons being presented to boys and men in America.

At last!!! You are debating health care by showing our nightmare – the nightmare that all of us who have to deal with insurance companies ...keep it going!!! I just spent 2 hours on the phone today with blue cross trying to figure out if my mammogram was covered and where I should go to get it. The young employee on the other end of the line told me she got only 8 hours training for learning to sort out all blue cross rules and regulations!!!

You know what? Maybe I would ordinarily say don't send a poor old 76 year old man to jail. But this particular man is still as arrogant as he was decades ago. I see no reason why he shouldn't go to prison. I'm disappointed in what Whoopi said, I don't know what the context was and I feel that Joy was being lenient. I don't believe that Whoopi said that just to clarify what the reduced charges were. I have to think she pointed that out to somehow mitigate the crime itself (no matter how it might be minimized by the plea negotiations). But not having seen the show and not WANTING to see it, I will never know what she meant.

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  1. Heather,ca

    Last time I heard equal access to an education included walking home from school safely.

    Everybody has a responsibility in ensuring a child has that. Everybody.

    October 1, 2009 at 12:47 pm |