September 28th, 2009
05:21 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 9/25/09

Editor's Note: Many of you had a lot to say about Friday night’s segment on the Kentucky census worker found hanged and tied to a tree. The majority of responses  came from those with theories on why it happened or suggested ways to prevent such from happening again. The interview with former President Bill Clinton drew response from his fans as well. What do you have to say? We’d love to hear it:


The lynching of the census worker had to have been done by more than one person. Are you deliberately ignoring the possibility that a group of political extremists, probably right-wing political extremists, just like the much derided DHS report predicted, are responsible….that's why hangings from trees were called lynching PARTIES. I don't see how reporting that possibility could hinder the investigation.

I am writing in regard to the census workers death. I am employed by the census as a crew leader and I feel that the census workers alleged murder may have been prevented. During training we are told are safety is of utmost importance, but it is not. A lot of workers are sent to remote areas by themselves to count houses. We have asked about sending two people to work together and the answer as no. It is probably not cost efficient for them…. I feel with the disdain for the government in today’s times census employees should work on the buddy system, maybe the upper management could give up their bonuses when work gets done ahead of schedule and put that money into better safety practices?

I loved your interview with Bill Clinton. Always interested in what he has to say. Loved the questions you asked him. He was such a great President, a great private citizen and humanitarian.

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