September 13th, 2009
06:15 AM ET

Dear President Obama #237: Apple picking time

Reporter's Note: President Obama is hopefully relaxing a bit over the weekend. I am too, although I must say, sometimes relaxation seems a lot like work…

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Tom Foreman | Bio
AC360° Correspondent

Dear Mr. President,

By the time you read this, hopefully I will have completed that big half marathon I’ve been carrying on about for several weeks now. I generally enjoy such things, although sometimes around 8 miles in, when I think, “Only 5 more to go!” I wonder how much I’ll be feeling it later. The weather is supposed to be good, but then I was supposed to be 30 years old forever and that’s not exactly played out that way. Actually, the weather makes little difference to me. I enjoy running in the rain, snow, heat and cold; my own little way of keeping in touch with nature. Often as the weather pelts down I think of Theodore Roosevelt and his famous horseback rides through many of the same places, regardless of the weather.

As I write this however, the race is still ahead of me and I’m trying to spend a relatively quiet day relaxing with the family; somewhat aggressively avoiding thoughts of politics, so hopefully you won’t mind if I ramble. My wife and I went out to pick up the race packet (totally cool long sleeve red jersey this year with little duck feet going up the arm! I have no idea what waterfowl have to do with this, but what the heck…woo hoo!) Then we dropped off/picked up some dry cleaning, mailed some birthday cards to family, and now we are heading out with the girls to go apple picking. There is a pick-your-own kind of boutique farm a dozen miles from our house and we try to get there every autumn.