September 12th, 2009
10:41 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 9/11/09

Editor's Note: After Friday night's program, we continued to receive thanks from family and friends of Marines stationed in Afghanistan. We also received comments on the story of the South African runner, Caster Semanaya. And many of you felt that the outburst from Congressman Joe Wilson during President Obama's speech to Congress Wednesday night was “disrespectful conduct." What do you think?


Will Anderson be visiting the Kandahar Nato Air Base? That base has been there for 8 years and there is still no sewer system. There are thousands of soldiers at this base and no one seems to be talking about how unhealthy, beyond the fighting and rocketing part, it is to work there. The conditions at this base should be better then what is in the FOBs but it's not. Why are there no stories about the southern base itself? When political visitor come they are taken to Bagraham, the US base. It's almost as if Kandahar Air Base has become the forgotten base. I guess I'm asking for more info. It's bad enough that our soldiers place themselves in harm’s way, the base they go home to should at least have breathable air.

Thank you for the live reports from the battlefield. This is what news should be. Not just opposing opinions for advertising dollars, but showing us the truth, so we can make informed decisions. Be careful and take care.

You spent the past week with my brother and I can't thank you enough for giving me the chance to see him and hear what he is doing over there, Thanks for the in depth coverage of what is really happening and the progress our troops are making! Great story...very insightful.

Eight years and no one is saying we're winning in Afghanistan and what is more, no one will say it CAN be won, not unless we send in more troops. This drain . . . if it was a finite thing then you could support it. But it's not. The only thing we can look forward to is a bigger drain, without end. It's discouraging and frightening. No way out. The knowledge that we'll have to go further in and no promise that doing so will help at all.

There may not be rules of conduct for a congressman, but there are rules of conduct for a military officer. Mr. Wilson's disrespectful conduct to his Commander-In-Chief was at least actions unbecoming to those of an officer, and he should charged accordingly. (He is a National Guard officer). It should be noted that this action took place during a time of military action overseas, and could be considered to be of aid to the enemy.

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