September 10th, 2009
06:42 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 9/9/09

Editor's Note: While emails of thanks and gratitude for Anderson’s reports from Afghanistan continued to make their way to us, Wednesday night’s AC360° was dominated by reaction to the Presidential Address to Congress. As Anderson addressed the points from the speech viewers indicated that while the speech seemed to answer some questions around the current proposed reform, it opened the door to new ones. Did you watch the speech? If so what do you have to say? We’d love to hear from you:


President Obama’s health care plan is infeasible, unworkable. American is insolvent. We have no money to pay for this. It is a tragic lie. There is no rush or deadline. Obama looked and sounded insane, tired, insincere and hollow. Americans are not buying it.

If President Obama had walked on water during last night’s address to the Joint Session of Congress, conservatives and republicans would have criticized the president for being unable to swim. There can be no true, meaningful healthcare “reform” until the profit motive is removed from all healthcare insurance programs….

I still support Obama and believe in government health care for those who don't have it. I personally have health care insurance but I want to see everyone have it.

I do not agree with the disrespectful outburst by Representative Wilson but I would like to know which of the two gentlemen is actually correct – Obama or Wilson? Are illegal aliens included in a government health care plan?

The piece on Base Jaker is so sobering. What so many of our men are doing for us sitting comfortably in our homes is for me beyond words. I pray for these Marines and hope when they come home, our country gives the best care available to each of them. They deserve it! Your reporting shows us reality, no matter how uncomfortable it is to see. And it is hard to see.

Great reporting from Afghanistan. We are so proud of our American troops and it helps to see their living conditions. Forget the politicians in D.C. and just bring us more stories on our young men and women.

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