September 4th, 2009
07:01 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 9/3/09

Editor's Note: Our viewers from Thursday night’s AC360° had much to say about continued coverage of Michael Jackson’s death. There was a pretty even split of feedback from those who feel “enough is enough” and from those who feel keeping it in the news is the best way to let fans get the closure they need. We also heard from many with opinions and questions around how he died and those involved, including suggestions that because they believe Jackson demanded the drugs, Dr. Murray may be accused of assisted suicide rather than homicide. Lastly, we heard from some of you with opinions on the topic of President Obama’s upcoming message to America’s children and the discussion about it between Roland Martin and Jim Greer. Take a look at some of the feedback we got, and tell us what you think?


Are you kidding me with this Michael Jackson soap opera, you guys should really move over to the E! channel! How about covering a little NEWS, isn't that what CNN stands for???

Congratulations on the coverage of the Michael Jackson funeral. I confess that I thought would be tiresome, but it was interesting. And the live blog comments were intelligent and emotional. I really was wrong and you hit upon.

Thank you so much for the great coverage of the Michael Jackson funeral. With it running so late, I was concerned CNN may have to switch broadcasting.

My second graders are doing Michael Jackson dances at recess and when they're lining up for activities. In my 13 years of teaching, I've never seen this. Because kids need to move sometimes, I've decided we'll take "Michael Jackson Breaks" and do some physical activity before we settle down to work!

This funeral is just too much after the Memorial. Maybe the family needed it, but the rest of the world didn't need to be privy.

Since Michael Jackson demanded the drugs given to him, don't you think assisted suicide would fit Dr. Murray?

This Jim Greer guy makes me feel ashamed to say I am a Florida resident. I will absolutely allow my children (ages 11 and 13) to watch President Obama's speech. Knowledge is power!! Our children should be learning about politics. This would be more useful to them than dissecting frogs!

I am a long time viewer and a huge fan. However, I wanted to let you know that I am very disappointed in this evenings show on the President speaking to the school kids. Roland Martin does not let anyone make a point even when he is dead wrong. What will it take for you to control him? To be very honest, if Roland continues on the show not allowing people to give their feedback without talking over them I will stop watching your program.

Anderson was more forceful with Greer than I would have expected. I'm glad about that, but couldn't you find someone other than Roland to have up against him. Also, when Roland starts to talk over people like that, Anderson HAS to stop him…

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  1. glen shrimplin

    Isn't it ironic about the parents worrying about what their children are being taught. Listen to a few town hall meetings and then see what children are being taught. The lack of respect, civility and actions speak about the parents of those children. Please do not ever say what has happened to children tody. The mors deeper and pressing question is what has happen to adult people today?

    September 4, 2009 at 11:21 am |