September 3rd, 2009
07:32 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 9/2/09

Editor's Note: The continued coverage of “Secret Harvest” (organs for sale) on last night’s AC360° drew additional response from many of you. We got a lot of feedback from transplant recipients or those awaiting transplants. Many offered both opinions and questions on the topic. Viewers also had much to say on the guilt/innocence of Nancy Garrido, wife of Phillip Garrido who is accused of the kidnapping and imprisonment of Jaycee Dugard. Here is some of what we heard, and we’d love to hear from you:


As a person waiting for two years for a matching donor I can say I would most likely accept one anyway I could get it even if I had to sell everything I own to pay for it. Staring death in the face every day is no fun. People shouldn’t have to resort to illegal sales to be able to stay alive but if you are dying it doesn’t seem as wrong to do it.

If you spent years in an untenable situation and your existence was subject to 3 days out of every week on a dialysis machine and the other 4 days spent getting over the treatment, then you might understand why a patient in renal failure would go to such extremes to find a donor. I believe there are around 80,000 people on dialysis in the US every year and only several thousand donors come available for transplant. There's big business in dialysis which is probably why more is not done to increase transplantation. The government controls who gets the kidney. It's no longer who is the closest to the cadaver donor site for a kidney in the best condition, but how many years the recipient has been on the transplant list. Minimum time on a transplant list 5 years ago was 3 years – it's probably 4 by now. 4 years of helplessness. Don't let anyone tell you dialysis is a picnic in the park. Go spend some time at a facility and see for yourself. Please focus on the need for donors. My husband had 3 transplants. His donors were his brother (5 years), a cadaveric (20 years), and myself (4 years). My husband died from cancer likely caused by 30 years of taking immunosuppressant drugs, but he lived for 30 years to raise his family because of transplants. He only lived for 2 years on dialysis. Thank you.

Why didn't you show any positive stories of organ donation, legal or otherwise?!? We are talking about the gift of life here. Yes, I am waiting for that very gift. Unfortunately, even though I have health insurance and my husband and mother would like to donate – the bureaucracy and paperwork while I'm waiting is mind boggling! Dialysis is grueling and not a better option than a real kidney – as reported by that Ms. Hughes. Shouldn't you have had a Nephrologists commentate on her statement? I hope your future reporting on this subject highlights what’s wrong with the system in obtaining a kidney legally – it’s not easy.

It is outrageous to hear someone come to the defense of the couple Garrido. I think Anderson Cooper should keep us informed of the process so that the guilty do not go unpunished…

As a selectman in a small rural Maine town, I would like to comment on the sex offender program. We were the first town in Maine to put in an ordinance to keep offenders 1,000 feet from schools and daycare facilities. The State overturned our ordinance by lowering that amount of distance to 750 feet stating that these offenders have their civil rights. The reason that the Town put the ordinance in place was that we had an offender in town that raped a young girl and then left her for dead, living close to two of our schools. When you live in a rural community, 750 feet could be right next door to homes and facilities that have young children present. So, who has the most rights? Kids or sexual predators?????

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  1. Kim

    Congradulations and great job Pogo ! Send in contributions and that's a non-profit gov. over sight team. What is Secretary Patrick Kennedy's decision with this particular contractor ? Sounds like Pogo figured it out and why didn't those at the top listen ? Senator McCaskill is pretty sharp and her team listens and responds smart. It upsets me to read this because it 's all connecting to national security and if that's not tight at the State Department ,with the hire of contractors then what's next ? Is Patrick Kennedy going to fire this contractor that hires drunks dancing naked ? How many warning reports are needed before something is done ? TAC and head for the Light House ! It's negligence to respond and puts our national security at risk and makes ya worry about Hillary Clinton. Don't do that !

    September 3, 2009 at 1:04 pm |
  2. Debbie Stottlemyer

    I am having trouble finding the story about Van Jones, the "green czar" on CNN. There is a YouTube video of him calling Republicans "a..holes" that is circulating on the Internet. If a Republican had done that, CNN would be all over it. Where is your "fair" coverage? I also would like to see a story concerning the czars. How many of them, who are they, what are their backgrounds, etc.? I have seen your show and like what I see, so I am approaching you about this subject. I am hoping you will follow up.

    September 3, 2009 at 12:10 pm |