September 2nd, 2009
10:05 AM ET

Morning Buzz: Kidneys for sale?

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Eliza Browning
AC360° Associate Producer

Tonight we continue our series on the black market for human organs. Our special investigation uncovers a robust business of organ trafficking in Israel. We speak to one man who tells CNN he routinely sends 60 Israelis a year abroad to receive illegal kidney transplants. According to those familiar with the black market - kidney brokers approach poor Jewish immigrants from former Soviet Republics and offer them up t0 $5,000 for one of their kidneys. Drew Griffin speaks to people who have been involved on both sides of this illegal trade.

Chris Brown is on Larry King Live tonight where he will speak out about his assault of pop star Rihanna. Randi Kaye looks into rates of domestic violence. Is this kind of assault on the rise in the African American community? What kind of example does Brown’s conviction set for his fans? We’ll dig deeper on this issue tonight.

Firefighters in California continue to fight the 190-square-mile blaze just north of downtown LA. Forecasters say the fire will continue to burn for two more weeks. Wildfires this year have already cost the state $106 million of its $182 million emergency firefighting budget and California’s state budget is notoriously in trouble. We’ll have the latest on the fires and evacuation plans tonight.

And we’re following the latest developments in the Jaycee Lee Dugard kidnapping case. Phillip Garrido, the man charged with kidnapping Dugard, was a registered sex offender who was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison for raping a woman in 1976. But he only served 11 years? Why was he released early? We’ll also look into how Dugard and her children will re-assimilate to life outside of their captivity. We’ll also speak to the parents of a woman who went missing in 1989 when she was 13-years-old.

We’re looking into a case of contractors gone wild…Some private security guards hired to protect the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan say their contractor has allowed widespread mistreatment, sexual activity and intimidation with their ranks, according to a watchdog group.

Meanwhile, western leaders are meeting in Paris today to chart the way forward in Afghanistan. August was the deadliest month in the country since the invasion in 2001. Top Commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal says that the U.S. needs to revise its strategy – will more troops be needed? We’ll look into the situation in Afghanistan tonight.

What else are you following? Let us know and see you tonight at 10 p.m. ET?

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  1. Michelle D . Fonthill. Ont

    Good Afternoon Eliza

    I can't imagine how Jaycee and her children will reajust to life now that she has been freed from her ordeal .It's really sad and horrible what she went through .How much more trouble can there be in California the economy is already in ruins and now they have find money to rebuild thier homes it never ends .

    Thanks for the buzz
    Michelle D.

    September 2, 2009 at 1:49 pm |
  2. Ron San Bruno, Ca

    First thing I noticed was the interview was not " Live " the second thing was when asked about remembering the beating, eyes look down and has difficulty making contact with Larry, he states he has no memory of the beating in the car that day . The bow tie was a gimick, he's an abuser in every sense of the word. chris is a coward nothing more nothing less.

    September 2, 2009 at 1:28 pm |
  3. Eugenia - San Francisco

    Larry is going to show Chris Brown (who beat up his girlfriend) more compassion/respect than he did that woman who was brutally raped by that monster. How would have Anderson or how about Campbell treated Brown? Not the same as Larry.

    September 2, 2009 at 1:02 pm |
  4. Michelle Johnson, Lomita, CA

    Some dark subjects on AC360 last night and lined up for tonight–a focus on sex and violence. Last night's show was disturbing. I read the tweet about Anderson spending the week on the front lines with the troops in Afghanistan. Since August was the deadliest month there since the invasion, and a CBS reporter was recently kidnapped there, it's even more dangerous than usual. CNN doesn't care much about their reporters to send AC over there now.

    September 2, 2009 at 12:50 pm |