August 14th, 2009
08:42 AM ET

Republican Death Trip

Paul Krugman
The New York Times

“I am in this race because I don’t want to see us spend the next year re-fighting the Washington battles of the 1990s. I don’t want to pit Blue America against Red America; I want to lead a United States of America.” So declared Barack Obama in November 2007, making the case that Democrats should nominate him, rather than one of his rivals, because he could free the nation from the bitter partisanship of the past.

Some of us were skeptical. A couple of months after Mr. Obama gave that speech, I warned that his vision of a “different kind of politics” was a vain hope, that any Democrat who made it to the White House would face “an unending procession of wild charges and fake scandals, dutifully given credence by major media organizations that somehow can’t bring themselves to declare the accusations unequivocally false.”


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  1. Annie Kate

    I think Obama is trying not to permanently offend the conservatives heaving rocks at his health care bill. However, to take a passionate stand and give a speech like he did from the election he is going to have to make his views more positive and make more of the kind of speeches from the campaign that he is so good at. A powerpoint presentation debunking the rumors, lies, etc. on a point by point basis and giving high level summary of the actual benefits and who they apply to and who will pay might be in order to – something people if they want can take a copy home with them and look at and refer to – no one is going to read all 1000+ pages of the bill.

    August 14, 2009 at 8:59 pm |