August 13th, 2009
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August 13th, 2009
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Sound Off: Your comments 8/12/09

Editor's Note: The conversations and debate around health care continued following last night’s program. Confusion, rumors and lack of understanding around specific points about the health care reform drew the highest response from our viewers. Many of you also responded to the story on the possible serial killer in North Carolina. Read below some of what we heard and tell us what you think:


Regarding the health care reform - end of life decisions are made by the person and/or family with a lawyer, not the doctor, and then put into a living will, etc. Get this subject off the bill.

I believe the town hall meetings are showing people’s frustration with how fast everything is pushed through Congress without debate or discussion. We saw this with the stimulus bill and cap and trade. We are seeing this same rush to pass health reform, and people are fed up. These are not people who are paid to show up as Acorn did during the election. We want our Congressmen to read and debate a bill before they vote on it. I encourage everyone to be vocal but respectful during discussions. Get involved and let your President and Congress hear from you.

To imply that the current dissatisfaction with the health care bill, which by the way no one seems to know the actual provisions of, is a product of citizens who simply are too stupid to understand and is yet another example of the play book of talking points by which this and other programs on CNN seem to adhere. Since when is it appropriate for a congresswoman to stand up in front of a room full of individuals and speak to them as if they are first graders? Furthermore, since when did it become a requirement that one had to speak in a well modulated and polite tone of voice in a civil dissent? This attitude which this station is promoting only widens the gap between average citizens and the self appointed elite. Why don't you spend time in reporting actual facts and telling the audience the real truth which is that there is no actual bill being endorsed that can be truly analyzed at this time?


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