July 30th, 2009
07:37 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 7/29/09

Editor's Note: Many of you had a lot to say about the ongoing story of Michael Jackson’s death. Some of you weighed in with comments on Dr. Murray, Jackson's personal physician. Others asked that the story be dropped as it is something that should be on entertainment news.  Kudos was heard for Anderson and Erica with requests for more stories from Erica.


Considering the recent information that Dr. Murray is in financial trouble, one could throw out motive for him murdering Michael Jackson. He stands to gain nothing from the murder and would have made 150,000 per month if Jackson were alive which would have got him out of financial trouble in a hurry. If anything, he needed Jackson alive not dead.

The Michael Jackson ordeal has been taken too far, it has been more than a month since his death. America should be informed about pressing issues; Michael Jackson's death has no effect on most American's lives and is very insignificant in the scope of the world. This story should be left alone.

Can you explore the difference in what was in the officers police report stating that he got a call saying that two black males were breaking into the home when the person that called and on the 911 tapes there was no mention of the persons race. Was it his perception that it was probably two black males or was he told by someone other than the 911 caller that it was two black males or did he just lie on his report.?

The BEST news on CNN is Anderson Cooper AND Erica Hill. They make a FANTASTIC couple on TV. and are SO great together and funny. She isn’t on enough though at all. ALOT of people really like the two of them. Keep it up CNN. It’s a great show that we all won't miss, but get more of Erica on it.

PLEASE stop with the Michael Jackson news! I am going to have to find another source of TV news that is MJ free. This is the stuff of Entertainment Tonight, not CNN! Please stop!

I am concerned about the minimal info on the health care plan on your show. Michael Jackson is not more important than this issue. Please address it more fully.

I'm really disappointed you all are still devoting so much time to Michael Jackson. There are many more important issues you should be focusing on. MJ's death, while tragic is not real news. Please focus on something that has some bearing on my life. The amount of time you have spent on MJ during the past few weeks is disgraceful and I'm now questioning whether I want AC360 to be my exclusive source of evening news.

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  1. Sabrina In Las Vegas

    The dating shows are rigged...fall for someone regardless and stay with them for X time, then you can ditch them and not loose your pay for it.

    Remember, THEY ARE PAID FOR IT, not reality.

    Good question to ask Anderson.

    July 31, 2009 at 1:58 am |
  2. David Cook


    Last night I watch watched with sadness as Gary Tuchman reported on the recent incident involving a few hundred protesters in Paris, Texas, my home.

    While I know that this reporting is necessary, I also wish you could report on the positive aspects of the second largest Paris in the world.

    You mentioned on your program you bicycled. Just a few days before this protest, Paris hosted our 25th Annual Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally which was attended by over 800 bicyclists from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and even a cyclist from Georgia. Bicyclists come to Paris because of the friendly Paris atmosphere and welcoming citizens. With 25 years of this event, Paris must be doing something right to attract people to Paris.

    I am a member of the Tour de Paris committee and I want to personally invite you to come to Paris and participate in our 26th Annual Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally and see for yourself what Paris, Texas is all about and why over 800 cyclists want to come to Paris. Or if this sounds good, please come even sooner and I will give you a bicycle tour of our downtown route, show you some sites and have you talk to our citizens.

    People enjoy coming to Paris. Just ask the Archery Shooters Association which hold their pro/am Southwest Shootout here every April and bring over 1,200 archery enthusiasts to Paris from all over the United States and Canada. Ask any of the other Paris visitors that participate in other Paris events, like the over 350 fishermen attending the Uncle Jesse (as in Uncle Jesse of the Duke’s of Hazzard) Big Bass Classic fishing tournament, or the 3,000 plus visitors attending the October Festival of Pumpkins, or the 150 Dallas Tandem Bicyclists, the 200 Antique Car Club visitors and 175 Chaparral Square Dancing clubs, why they enjoy coming to Paris, Texas. Paris hosts visitor events almost every month of the year.

    So, come on down to Paris, bring your bicycle, and I’ll give you a bicycle tour of OUR PARIS. We’ll even cycle over to our Eiffel Tower with the red cowboy hat on top, so you can get a photo for your friends back home.

    Hope to see you in PARIS.

    David Cook

    July 30, 2009 at 2:32 pm |
  3. rhoda

    why have you not talk about glen beck ? don't you think want he said was wrong?

    July 30, 2009 at 12:01 pm |