July 23rd, 2009
07:07 PM ET

Erin Andrews nude video is a sick crime; when will men grow up?

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Jerry Brewer
Seattle Times

As bad as I am at making predictions, I'd bet my career on one bit of soothsaying.

No one will ever peep into my hotel room and videotape me naked.

It just won't happen. If you're waiting for that shocker, go ahead and invite Sasquatch to your next dinner party, too.

I'm not Internet-ogling material. Too husky. Too male. Too fortunate.

Which brings me to ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, who's been victimized by a cowardly pervert. Someone actually peeped into her hotel room, taped her in the nude and put the recording on the Internet. It's a sad and sick incident that has the sports world abuzz, especially the blogosphere, and ultimately, a bunch of dudes dominate the chatter by feigning outrage or making light of an embarrassing situation that men can't possibly understand.

So instead of offering flimsy perspective, I went to KING 5 sports reporter Lisa Gangel and asked for her take. In some ways, Gangel is like Andrews: blonde, female and hoping to be respected rather than gawked. Seeing a colleague suffer struck Gangel on a personal level.

"It deflated me," Gangel said. "You never know what can happen, and in our profession, being so visible, you never know who's watching you. I'm very critical of women in sports because I'm very critical of myself. I'm always looking at them and wondering how I can improve to get to their level, or what I can do better than they do.


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