July 22nd, 2009
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Sound Off: Your comments 7/21/09

Editor's Note: AC360° feedback from Tuesday night’s show was varied and covered several topics. Some of you felt that the segment on Dr. Henry Gates was an overreaction. One viewer expressed concern regarding the announcement of the contents of the second safe in the Billings case, as there could still be more suspects. Following recent coverage on the topic, several Canadian viewers wrote in to defend their health care system. Take a look and tell us what you think:


Dear Mr. Cooper, I am writing about Henry Gates and the police officer. I have met Dr. Gates and visited his home. The incident strikes me as rather silly and a bit demeaning for Dr. Gates. He is very aware of politics–and politics trumps truth, as we have all learned. However, I believe Dr. Gates who was returning homes from a trip to China was suffering from "jet lag". I have had the same problem–makes one behave aggressively, when all you really need is sleep. Anyway that's it–Gates should give it up. The cop was doing his job. Apologies from both sides may be in order, but certainly from Dr. Gate's side.

Doesn't John King realize that by pressuring the sheriff about the large amount of money in the house of the Billings home might be putting that family still in danger? Since they are still looking for more suspects? I, think it is terrible.

Lately on CNN I’ve seen some unfair bashing of our health care system. My wife is an American who has lived in Canada for over a decade (She's now a Canadian citizen). Since living here she has had to undergo 4 different surgical procedures ...none of which she had to wait very long for and all were totally free. (It would have bankrupted her in the USA) I myself had to get a referral for an MRI recently...3 days later I had an appointment and now I'm awaiting results. I'm not saying our system is perfect but at least Canada attempts to take care of its people. Whatever Obama is trying to do it won't be anything like the Canadian system anyway so I don't understand what people are so afraid of down there.

Like many of your Canadian viewers, I am terribly disappointed in CNN for sitting idly by while our Canadian medical system is unfairly attacked. We in Canada take great pride in our universal Medicare system. It is cherished by us and our medical care is second to none. In fact, our outcome rates surpass that of the U.S. It is most unfortunate that our system is used as a pawn in your health care fight. Most Canadians would tell you they would never give up the system we have for any other. No, it’s not perfect, but then what system is. But, we take great pride in having universal care & resent our American neighbours perpetuating this myth by using a few anecdotal stories of those who have fallen through the cracks.

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