July 16th, 2009
07:12 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 7/15/09

Editor's Note: Many of you had a lot to say about  President Barack Obama’s trip to Ghana. Several viewers applauded Anderson for his interview with President Obama and were pleased with his demeanor and tone. The ongoing coverage of Michael Jackson’s death disappointed some viewers, requesting an end to the “Jackson overload.” Take a look at some of what we heard, and then sound off:

As an African American it hurt my heart to see the place where enslaved Africans were held against their will but you had the right demeanor and tone as you reported that made watching bearable.

I want to thank Anderson Cooper 360 for the sincere and in depth coverage of the slave castle in Ghana and the story on First Lady Michelle Obama's family roots. Thank you for exploring the topic of slavery and how we still remain connected to it as Americans.

Mr. Cooper, the interview with President Obama in Ghana was excellent....After Peter Jennings past away I didn't think anyone could replace him or come near the excellence he brought to news. You are certainly on your way to being in that class of reporter. The Ghana reporting was special and excellent reporting keep up the good work,,,, P.S. Obama came right back at you when you mentioned his gray hair..LOL

Greeting, was there 35 years ago, from Essex county college, bsu, one of the first group of African Americans to visit those castles. We held prayers and poured libations to our ancestors, we went through those doors, the occupant and visitors in those days did terrible things to the slaves prior to their leaving on the slave ships. There are other such castle that we cleaned when we were there. It was amazing to see you guys there 35 years later. Nice show Anderson, thanks

Wow!!! Impressed with your interview with Obama. Great segment on the dungeons and "the door of no return" and Michelle Obama's roots. I actually learned something (not the usual headline bashing that goes on too often in news). Congratulations – more of this in the future please.

I watch your show every day and usually enjoy your diverse topics and coverage of current events.. HOWEVER your recent daily coverage of Michael Jackson is tiresome and unnecessary as you know there are so many other more import subjects to discuss as a fan PLEASE lessen the coverage no one cares about the Pepsi commercial from the 80's.

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