July 8th, 2009
07:03 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 7/7/09

Editor's Note: Tuesday night’s AC360° feedback focused on the coverage of Michael Jackson’s memorial service. Viewers wrote in to commend Anderson and CNN for the continued coverage, while others criticized the show for giving Michael Jackson more airtime. Take a look at some of what we heard. We’d love to know what you have to say:


Thank you, Anderson, for having a POSITIVE coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial. The negativity that plagued CNN earlier today made me sick. I am so glad that you are showing respect to his talent and the beautiful things Michael contributed to the entertainment industry.

My deepest gratitude to CNN, for giving me the opportunity to be at Michael Joseph Jackson's Memorial, from my home. Michael's spirit will shine forever in this vast universe.

I thought it was amazing for CNN to show the complete coverage of Michael Jackson's celebration of life without commercials. In this day of shaky economics, that must have cost a lot without any sponsorship revenue to help cover the cost. My hats off to CNN.

I want to thank CNN and you Anderson for a wonderful, emotional, perfect coverage of Michaels' Memorial today. CNN had the best coverage of all stations and I truly mean that.

Enough already! This story has wasted enough of America's time! Let’s get back to the REAL news. This overplayed story is started to make me mad at CNN. I don’t watch CNN so I can hear celebrity gossip. I watch CNN for news about the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, or the protests in China and Iran. I don’t watch CNN for this garbage. I am sick of Michael Jackson. It was only a couple years ago where he was labeled as 'Wacko Jacko', now everyone is crying. This is ridiculous, has America gone crazy?

I am impressed how CNN has covered the death of Michael Jackson. Anderson Cooper is fantastic and it has changed my view of CNN. His sensitivity to this man and family was incredible, maybe because his own background from a famous family, but you have a new viewer.

Anderson, you and your staff were incredible today. You gave us all the information we needed yet allowed us to feel like we actually attended the MJ Memorial live! Thank you

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  1. Kim Crain

    I loved your coverage of MJ and still going. I will watch you every night for this. Here's to you Michael and how I will remember him:
    Michael Jackson's moves, music remembered
    I will remember Michael Jackson as the Greatest Musical Performer, and dancer I have ever seen. When Michael performs, he does it straight from his heart and soul. He can really feel it, and passes that feeling to all of his fans.
    He gives it his all. You just cannot help but to feel something. It is a gift. A gift not many are ever given in their lifetime.
    I will, and do feel this feeling everytime I hear him sing a song. It can be from The Jackson 5, or just Michael himself. Michael Jackson is the most heart and soul performer that there ever has been. If you know, and have followed Michael through his lifetime, You can totally understand what I am saying. He was the best of them all. We, the fans of Michael Jackson can feel it in our hearts and souls even now, at the news of this tragic death.
    Michael had a powerful way of bringing his message to the world. He did it well, and he will always be remembered as being the best performer there has ever been in my lifetime so far. He will be missed. But his dream to have his music go on, and continue to be the best ever will come true! It already has come true. God Bless you Michael!!!

    July 8, 2009 at 11:00 pm |