July 1st, 2009
11:40 AM ET

Morning Buzz: Jackson’s health, Obama and Hondurama

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Eliza Browning
AC360° Associate Producer

More details are emerging about how Michael Jackson’s family is preparing to honor the famous star. Jackson’s body will be taken to his Neverland Ranch on tomorrow morning for a public viewing at some point in the next week. We’re also hearing details about a private memorial service on Sunday at Neverland. Reports say that Jackson’s may be filed today in Los Angeles County. Anderson is in Los Angeles and will have the latest tonight.

Meanwhile, more information is being revealed about Michael Jackson’s health. A nutritionist and nurse practitioner who says she worked with the singer told Anderson last night that Jackson suffered severe bouts of insomnia and pleaded for a powerful sedative despite knowing its harmful effects. Dr. Sanjay Gupta will explain the causes and effects of insomnia and the impact of certain sedatives on a body.

Later on today, President Obama will hold a national discussion on health care through an online town hall meeting in Virginia today. Do you plan on tuning in? He’ll field questions from the live audience, but also from people on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. What would you ask him?

And there’s a lot going on in Honduras this week. On Sunday, President Manuel Zelaya was ousted by a military-led coup while he was still in pajamas. Troops entered his home and sent him into exile, flying him to Costa Rica. The Organization of American States (OAS) has condemned the coup and Zelaya says he plans on returning to Honduras tomorrow. But the interim leader of the country says that if Zelaya returns he will be arrested. All this could make for quite a showdown tomorrow and it’s still unclear how involved neighboring countries – not to mention the U.S. - will be. Karl Penhaul will have the latest on this story for us tonight.

What would you like to hear? Let us know and see you at 10 p.m. ET.

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  1. Mary

    I was surprised to see the nurse being featured again this evening, who claimed to have had contact with Michael Jackson shortly before his passing and refused his request for the drug diprivan/propofol. . Why is CNN giving this woman a forum? There are so many holes in her story and it is obvious to most of your viewers that she is lying. Could someone at CNN actually verify anything this woman is saying? If she is truly a nurse, why had she never heard of the drug in question, since it is commonly used in hospitals and medical clinincs for various procedures and has been available for many years. I'm beginning to wonder if CNN is competing with TMZ and the other tabloid publications. Since when has sensationalism become a part of what we all thought was a network that we considered the main stream media.


    July 2, 2009 at 4:23 am |
  2. Jeff Adler

    Michael Jackson was amazing. He changed the lives of many different people, and made what music is today. He changed the face of music completely. All of the people who think that is a child molester, just remember, the case was acquitted. He paid $20M to PROVE that he didn't do what the rumors stated that he did. He created dance as we know it, and changed America, and many other countries as well. Many of his songs were #1 hits, and I think we all know why.
    R.I.P. Michael Jackson, you will be greatly missed.

    July 2, 2009 at 3:21 am |
  3. Sandra Bocchicchio

    This nurse who claims to have refused to give Michael Jackson deprivan is simply not telling the truth. I am a critical care nurse and I know that deprivan also known as propofol is not a drug that would be obtained outside of a medical facility. In other words no outpatient pharmacy carries it. This woman is simply wanting publicity. Please do not give her coverage.

    July 1, 2009 at 6:38 pm |
  4. Lisa in CA

    @ Sandra - it's no different for Medi-Care - the adminstrator will decide what gets reimbursed to the patient/doctor and what won't. Where Medi-Care is concerned, the Administrator is no different than the insurance company. This year, physicals are not covered - even if required for an existing condition. How to word these exams so they are covered also changes every year. And now mammograms are covered every other year rather than every year like they once were. Until the government can get Medi-Care running smoothly and consistently, don't even think about entering this realm to cover the nation.

    July 1, 2009 at 5:53 pm |
  5. ann jones

    yep, all MJ'd out. Enough already, no one was truly surprised, saddened yes, but not totally shocked, so lets move on, those who cant get enough should be able to entertain themselves with michael on youtube.

    July 1, 2009 at 4:21 pm |
  6. sandra

    As I said in my reply to the twitter, enuff on Michael Jackson, please. Back to some real news on the Iran election aftermath, etc. I was looking forward to the interview Anderson did with the Iranian-American journalist in Paris! We never got to see it. There's also the whole health insurance mess. Speaking as both a Medicare provider and consumer, I can say that I'd rather have the gov't handling my healthcare than some insurance company exec! Any illusion that your healthcare is between you and your doctor is strictly that - an illusion. Insurance companies are the ones making any major decisions regarding healthcare.

    July 1, 2009 at 3:51 pm |
  7. Eugenia - San Francisco, Ca

    I'm I understanding this wrong?

    If Michael Jackson parents could not protect their own children, how they going to protect these children?

    July 1, 2009 at 3:31 pm |
  8. Josh C

    Call your your Senate rep. to voice your support four the people of Honduras who impeached thier Ex President. No military coup . People appointed interm President til new eletions can be held in November they are smart enough to know when they have a leader on the road to a dictator they have on as a nieghbor an in Hugo Chaves .
    It truely bothers me deaply President Obama would Voice our support for a futer dictaror . What happened to the United States Supporting Freedom and liberty ? Mr President you must re think this . We must stand with the people of Iran and Quit shaking hands with the dictators of the world . We are the Home of the Free and the Brave !!!!

    July 1, 2009 at 3:24 pm |
  9. Stephen Walker

    Michael Jackson is the king of pop, and everyone makes mistakes, why should it be different for him!!!!! He made some bad decisions no doubt but the world needs to realize that no one is perfect and we all are human beans! I think that we dwell on celebrity mistakes too much, if we make a mistake no big deal, if they make one the world has come to a end!!! They are people to and they dont deserve all of this and to be humiliated on tv! Michael made those decisions but he also made the decision to give a lot to charity and to try to make a change!!!! More than anyone else dont you see that he has a heart and you shouldnt put so much pressure on him, just cuase he is famous!!!!!!! R.I.P. Michael Jackson HE WILL BE MISSED!!!!!!!

    July 1, 2009 at 3:07 pm |
  10. Lisa in CA

    I gave up cable TV because of a need to trim my budget. While I thought I'd miss AC360, apparently (if I read the blog correctly) I'm not really missing out - it's turned into another Inside Edition, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, (insert tabloid TV show). What has happened to the actual investigative journalism AC prides himself on? Delving into MJ's death - other than this need for doctors to over prescribe meds to everyone – is just morbid. I'm sorry he died at a young age, but really, wasn't it obvious he had issues? May he finally be a peace. Next real news story, please.

    As to the "town hall" meeting whereby Obama will ostensibly take questions from the "audience" (which translate to those that have been pre-screened to provide answers that support a national healthcare plan) - here's my question: We already have such a plan in place - it's called Medi-Care, and it's not doing all that great. Why not fix that healthcare plan and get it running smoothly ... and then venture into adding people to it? Better yet, why not table healthcare until his next term ... and deal with the current issues facing us right now – getting our economy back in shape, people back into jobs, troops out of Iraq, locating and bringing OBL to justice, closely watching N. Korea and Iran (rather than waiting a few weeks to respond to their threats while instanteously responding to the Honduras coup). That should be enough to keep him busy for the next couple of years. National Healthcare, while needed, is not a high priority at this time when compared to other events happening. And really, I don't need that whopping $400 payroll tax credit he gave me wiped out by taxing my healthcare benefit.

    July 1, 2009 at 2:48 pm |
  11. Beverly

    i'm glad ruby doesn't hold public office with that attitude...

    July 1, 2009 at 2:47 pm |
  12. vivian flamenco

    I cannot understand why so many are calling for the reinstating of Mel Zelaya as Honduran president. Anyone who is close friends with the likes of the Castro brothers of Cuba and Chavez of Venezuela most certainly does not need to be put back in office. I lived in Honduras for many years and have watched over the past months as Zelaya ignored the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the laws of the country. He was well on his way to overriding the Constitution so that he could remain president. We Americans need to be offering our moral support to President Micheletti who has stated that he is an interim president until the elections in November. Also, everyone keeps referring to this as a military coup – if it was a military coup, why didn't the military put one of their colonels in as president? We need more news of what is happening there.

    July 1, 2009 at 2:07 pm |
  13. Ruby Coria LA., CA.

    Lot's are having a fit, because of the coverage of King Jackson, what else is there?, Troops coming home?, who cares!, why where they there to began with?! Honduras is up in smoke?, who cares, the U.S just better stay out of that one.. you have Chavez & his gang all up in that & don't get Latinos started, they are Not like the Middle East people!, that the U.S can beat down! Iran? there is Nothing we can do there, don't even speak a word of it, cause we'll get people Killed! California broke?, who cares!, we don't even have equal rights in C.A. & the traditional married people are all on welfare, for the gang of kids they have!, that's why C.A is broke. The M.J. stuff is going to go into the messy part, just like the way the Washington is run.

    July 1, 2009 at 1:59 pm |
  14. puggles

    Oh – yes. agree.

    more on bankrupt municipalities, states. What are the consequences. What are the options?

    July 1, 2009 at 1:48 pm |
  15. puggles

    Agree with many of above:
    Michael Jackson's estate is a continuing story, but deserves about 1-5 minutes total – will filed, Mother as primary pick, Diana Ross as secondary. Ex wife specifically excluded. Estate to go to Family Trust with lawyer and manager as executors. Done

    Honduras – much more interesting as ethical quandry
    –do you support the duly elected President who just happened to be trying to subvert the Constitution, as ruled by their Supreme Court, or
    –do you support the non-legal removal of said President because of subverting the Constitution -as agreed by the Judiciary, the Legislative branches and the Military (and possibly the electorate).
    When is "revolution" justified? What if the protests in Iran had succeeded? (especially if the military – the formal Revolutionary Guard and/or the Informal militia, the Basij) had remained neutral or split or agreed with protesters (note the one Commander of the Revolutionary Guard who was forced to resign or was imprisoned.)

    The Future of Iraq depends upon not just physical security (more or less stable at this time) but also economic security. What is the fall-out of only one oil field development contract.

    What's the scoop on the Afghanistan election? will it be like the Iraqi or the Irani election? How much interest in the general populace? Who gets to vote?

    The 2008 US election season will be over after July 4th and Al Franken is sworn in. What are the implications of tight elections, contested elections. (How do those Arizonians feel that now, a second time, the election was a draw and decided by a card pull.)

    If you do insist on pursing this "Doctor Cherilyn Lee" you might wish to point out:
    -her doctorate is a PhD – in what (Dr. Laura has a PhD – in education but gives psychological advice.)
    -as a ANP-C or a PA, she is only supposed to practice under the SUPERVISION of a physician. Who is that physician. Was that physician aware?
    -if she practices in Florida, what happens when the patient is in California?

    July 1, 2009 at 1:47 pm |
  16. Christina M Madison

    I totally agree with all the other comments. It is getting a little ridiculous. Let's talk about what's going on around the world. I've been forced to read Twitter to get any really news and even that is slim. Every other story is about MJ. The story in Hondarus is absoultely terrible. If something like that happened to our President the World would be screaming ans they are. We are the only wants Not making it top news.I miss the news. AC360 where did you go????

    July 1, 2009 at 1:45 pm |
  17. Beverly

    i agree with Lorna – Joe Jackson treated Michael Jackson like a dog and his only concern for him was how much money he could bring in. Michael Jackson himself had many negative things to say about his father and here is this man hyping his new business!!! and you people covered it!!! he doesn't sound too grief-stricken, does he??? ugghhhh....

    July 1, 2009 at 1:39 pm |
  18. Mari

    Enough with Jackson already. I love AC 360 and catch it on the podcast when I miss it live. But this past week I've been ignoring the podcasts b/c I know what's going to be on: MORE M. JACKSON! I think we've had enough.

    Iran, Energy Bill, Honduras, Health Care... those are problems that are alive and still kicking.

    July 1, 2009 at 1:38 pm |
  19. Delilah

    I watched Anderson last night, and I am very disappointed that CNN & Anderson are focusing on the "dirt" and any negatives they can dig out in regards to Michael Jackson! What about the Goodness MJ has done? People are telling me that they're sick of this negativity and will not watch CNN if this continues.
    We are all tired of this negativity. What about the 35 Charities Michael belonged to? What about the millions of people Michael touched around the world? Enough of the Negativity in regards to Michael Jackson...or your ratings will keep slipping.

    July 1, 2009 at 1:37 pm |
  20. Lorna

    With Joe Jackson using the tragic death of his son to plug his so called exciting announcement the he had to make of his new business.
    To me – only gives new meaning to the word "pimp".

    Thank you for taking Joe to task about being questioned about his announcement at such a tragic time.

    July 1, 2009 at 1:28 pm |
  21. Nina

    Please go back to the real news.
    Though I am saddened by the tragedy surrounding Michael Jackson's untimely death, it has all gotten way out of hand at CNN. Just because your rating went through the roof when the story first broke, doesn't mean it's going to stay that way just because you decided to report on nothing but Michael Jackson and whatever rumors or innuendos might be out there. And if you do plan to pursue that path, please rename the show MJ360.

    July 1, 2009 at 1:28 pm |
  22. Kristen, MD

    Agree with Cindy. 50 minutes on Michael Jackson was a lot and not appropriate discussing the paternity of his children. It's not news or any of our business. Children do not deserve being dragged out into the public spotlight in such a way.

    Hope 360 goes back to covering news tonight. MJ's death is news but more balanced coverage please.

    July 1, 2009 at 1:27 pm |
  23. Michelle D . Fonthill. Ont

    Good Morning Eliza

    I have to agree with the fact that contiuning coverage of Micheal Jackson's passing has been severly over the top this past i can't keep track it's everywhere you turn on the t.v. .The job market is falling apart people are bieng foreclosed from thier homes and the troops are pulling out of Iraq helloo-real people real stories has the news media fogotton about the l people in the world the suffering in this recession ?I hope that AC360 is better than that it's not all about ratings all the time is it?

    July 1, 2009 at 1:00 pm |
  24. Joan Rubino-Hart

    I find Anderson Cooper quite biased and opinionated on quite a few issues, especially when it pertains to President Obama. I'm quite sure he is a republican. I do not understand why people question why they would devote their entire program on Michael Jackson, it's what brings in viewers and praise from the critics. I find he puts too much of his anger on issues other than sticking to the facts.


    July 1, 2009 at 12:52 pm |
  25. Jill

    I have to say... that is the first time I've ever agreed with anything Cindy has posted on this site. It does seem like CNN has been turning into E! recently.

    I get the bigness of MJ's passing. I truly do. I am shamelessly obsessed with the 80s, and MJ was a huge part of that decade. It is a tragic loss, particularly if the stories about drugs / insomnia are true, but after all he gave us, we should allow him what he never got in life... peace.

    July 1, 2009 at 12:46 pm |
  26. Charlotte D

    Good grief. It is July 1 and California is falling off the cliff into bankruptcy and weren't 6 to 7 other states also in the same fix needing a budget to be in place today, July 1, the start of the new state fiscal year???? And AC is on the roof top in LA speculating about Michael Jackson? And the blog is all about MJ as well? Give me a break.

    Why isn't AC on the front lawn of some state capital building conducting interviews? The state budget crises have national impact and consequences. Criminy–CA has a movie star for a governor. With our warped fascination with celebrities, this should give us some air time, not that I think this is right. Get an interview with Arnold and ask him some hard questions. Then tackle other governors. That is what I want to see. If I wanted TMZ I would watch it. I turned the channel in disgust last night and looked for hard news; I watched a TIVO'd Daily Show from last week and learned far more than if I had stayed tuned to AC 360.

    Charlotte D
    Stockton CA

    July 1, 2009 at 12:36 pm |
  27. Beverly

    Enough on Michael Jackson already. I care more about health care, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. PLEASE show more coverage on these last four items. Until there is accurate, specific news about Michael Jackson, THEN talk about it instead of all this speculation. The man is dead, period. He had been doing things to his body for years and it's not surprising that the body and/or heart gave out. Show our troops being pulled out of the cities and towns in Iraq and where they are now??? It's getting so I can't any NEWS anymore....

    July 1, 2009 at 12:15 pm |
  28. Josh C

    I ask why are we supporting a leftist Leader who is seeking a dictatorship in Honduras ? And also staying Mum on the Human Rights violations in Iran and apprent stolen election . President Oboma seems to like buddying up too bad company ieg.. Hugo Chaves.. I thought the United States of America Stood for Freedom, Justice for all . I cant tell right now Mr. President ..

    July 1, 2009 at 12:11 pm |
  29. Cindy

    I think 360 and CNN should have vetted the nurse more before believing her story and running with it. I can punch holes all in her story! Why couldn't you all? For one why would Michael call her after three months of not talking to her? And if she was in Florida in the hospital then how did he find her? If he talked to her on a cell then that can easily be known by just looking at her recent calls received list. Why wasn't that done? Yeah, she probably would have said she deleted those though huh?

    PLEASE stick to the facts and stay away from lies, innuendo and rumor. 360 is a news show not a TMZ celeb show where they discuss rumors and lies.

    Another thing that bothered me was the on going innuendo by Anderson at who the kids parents really are? That is pure rumor and speculation and does not belong on 360. Anderson himself even said he wasn't going to speculate or do anything to hurt the kids yet he and 360 did last night. PLEASE stop doing E! gossip and get back to real news.

    I don't mind the Michael coverage but I do mind the lies and gossip that you all are allowing on and people are believing it to be the truth when it is not. Please stop it.


    July 1, 2009 at 12:08 pm |
  30. Suzanne

    Last night I was watching AC360 and they spent 50 minutes talking about Michael Jackson and the last ten minutes of the broadcast talking about other news such as our troops coming home from Iraq.

    While I am sad that anyone has to die before their time, I’m concerned that some news organizations (like CNN) have allowed their newscasts to become dominated by all things Michael Jackson.

    I’m just wondering if MJ’s life is more significant than our men and women who have died in Iraq?

    Or what will matter more to our lives, finding out who the real parents of MJ’s children are, or finding out how we can cut down on healthcare costs and our dependency on foreign oil ?

    July 1, 2009 at 11:45 am |