June 23rd, 2009
01:54 PM ET

Poll: Americans less upbeat about stimulus bill's progress

Road construction employees work on a project funded by the federal stimulus in May in Littleton, Colorado.

Road construction employees work on a project funded by the federal stimulus in May in Littleton, Colorado.

Dan Balz and Jon Cohen
The Washington Post

Expectations for President Obama's stimulus package have diminished, with barely half of Americans now confident the $787 billion measure will boost the economy, and the rapid rise in optimism that followed the 2008 election has abated, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The tempered public outlook has not significantly affected Obama's overall standing, which at 65 percent approval in the new survey outpaces the ratings of former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton at similar points in their presidencies. But new questions about the stimulus package's effectiveness underscore the stakes for the Obama administration in the months ahead, as it pushes for big reforms in health care and energy on top of the singular issue of the nation's flagging economy.

Obama maintains leverage on these issues in part because of the continuing weakness of his opposition. The survey found the favorability ratings of congressional Republicans at their lowest point in polls dating back more than a decade. Obama also has significant advantages over Republican lawmakers in terms of public trust on dealing with the economy, health care, the deficit and the threat of terrorism, all despite broad-based GOP criticism of his early actions on these fronts.


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  1. Kat59

    It is absurd to think Republicans want to start a war with Iran. Obama is in charge, remember? And as for Health Care, you will sing a different tune when you or a relative are denied needed surgery, or have to wait for cancer treatment, until it is possibly too late. Maybe we could deny care to illegal immigrants and save billions. And speaking about keeping our congressmen and senators honest, why not find out who has investments in green energy before we proceed with Cap and Trade???

    July 2, 2009 at 6:46 pm |
  2. Dianne

    How about some honesg talk concerning health care rRepublicans want to start a war with Iran. Considering the cost of war with Iraq, maybe we could already have health care. Anderson Cooper investigate what Senators and Congressmen have stock in private insurance companies,and who receives campaign contributions. It is only fair for the American people to know who is taking care of themselves and not the tax paying Americans.

    June 24, 2009 at 12:48 am |

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