June 18th, 2009
07:07 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 6/17/09

Editor's Note: The “America’s High” series drew a high response from our Wednesday night AC360° viewers. The series prompted emails from many who debated whether marijuana should be legalized for not only medical, but privatized use as well. The coverage of the protest in Iran was acknowledged and encouraged by viewers. Here is some of what we heard, and we’d love to hear from more of you:


It is my opinion that if states allows the use of medical marijuana, that each person carry an ID card that authorizes that person to use it. This would help to control the illegal use and proliferation of marijuana. I don't believe marijuana should be made legal, except for medical use.

Well they say pot may be addictive well so are pain killers and pot has never killed anyone that we know of and there are more deaths every year from cigs, booze, and even prescription meds.

Why does it matter if marijuana is good for you or not? The discussion should be whether or not people have the right to harm themselves in the first place. I think adults should be able to do whatever they want with their own bodies just as long as it doesn't affect anyone else. I also want to make the point that if marijuana is legalized and regulated by the government it would make it much more difficult for kids to get it, and it would prevent criminals and gangs from profiting off it.

I don't want public drivers, school teachers, and persons in authority positions to be high on the job. Many are anyway but how much more permissive is society going? It is not debatable on whether it is a danger to one's health; we know the serious effects pot has on the brain. It is stronger than 10 years ago. Medical marijuana is another issue completely.

As an Iranian-American expert on democratization and human rights in the Middle East (especially Iran) I cannot thank you enough for your comprehensive coverage of the Iranian election/civic protests.

You say the Iranian gov't is slowing the internet connection. How is this possible, and could OUR gov't do the same?

Brilliant Iran coverage. Keep up the good work. You MUST show the world what's happening there

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  1. Rick

    I am a cancer surviver (testicular) for more than 12 years, thank god for my life and for putting mj on this planet. if not for mj i would have been sick everyday from chemo thats all you can taste (nasty). I smoked one before and after treatment, i never had bad side effects from chemo, i was the only patient that gain wait during my 6 months of treatments. it was the only time my body would feel normal. Alcohol is the worst drug ever evented besides meth, destroys this country everyday. The people in jail for this is the crime, i think its time for a smoke in on Washingtons front lawn. would some body please organize this and get back to me. I will be in my lazy-boy after work enjoying one would hate to go to jail for that. this is just dumb we live in a free country, and it was here before us. GOD BLESS AMERMICA!

    June 18, 2009 at 1:21 pm |
  2. Jock Horror

    3 pro-legalization comments with rational points.

    1 anti-legalization comment with lies, disinformation and straw men.

    Disgusting that the government hangs its hat on these same lies, disinformation and straw men.

    June 18, 2009 at 12:00 pm |
  3. Trevor

    "we know the serious effects pot has on the brain. It is stronger than 10 years ago. Medical marijuana is another issue completely."

    Cute lies... The fact that your trying to say that we have Improved on the quality of weed over the past 70+ years since its been prohibited is pathetic. You could get much better weed in 1920 when it was legal than the Mexican swag we are getting across the boarders. Weed needs to be legalized! By legalized I mean, Not just for medical use, But for private as well. I will smoke a joint any day over drinking, smoking cigs, doing coke, or any other substance. Stop trying to take this debate one way, You said you would look at it from both sides.. So far I have only seen it one sided, and thats towards the legalization of medical marijuana, No, thats not what the american people want. We want it LEGAL for EVERYONE to use, and not at the age of 21.. Its not alcohol, Stop basing your claims on it. It should be legal at the age of 18. I have been smoking pot since 14 and I'm now 18. Your lies disgust me and if you want the truth, email me. I would be more than willing to fill you in on the TRUE facts about weed. Yes, It gets you high... Being high in the sky is much better than coughing your lungs out of black tar or swerving on the pavement from alcohol.

    June 18, 2009 at 11:34 am |