June 15th, 2009
07:00 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 6/12/09

Editor's Note: After our special on Friday,“American Radical: The Lone Wolf” a lot of you weighed in with comments about white supremacists and abortion-related violence. And many of you are looking forward to our series on marijuana this week. Let us know what you think.

CNN needs to take a good hard look at the abortion terrorism that has been going on in the US and really explain the issue clearly and openly. No one mentions that only a small number of women have late term abortions and no one actually looks at WHY they are having abortions. These people are not there because they are having fun; they are there because their babies have horrible complications. I'd like to keep CNN honest and have them report the hard facts on the threats and intimidation that is occurring from the pro-life movement rather than a bunch of opinion. This is terrorism by any other name, but your network will not call it what it is. I guess that word is reserved for south Asians and Arabs...people deserve the unvarnished truth.

Many American do not know the history of "pot" why it is an offense in many states. I am a R.N. in Mass. and a strong advocate for medical use. The risk of cannabis are far less than most substances consumed by Americans and cause no deaths annually compared to alcohol intake, over the counter drugs and prescriptions drugs. It’s time to wake up America and educate thy self about what is harmful and what is not.

AC...Please make sure you do your best to dispel the lies created by those in favor of the continued prohibition on marijuana. Legalizing and taxation of this plant will generate billions and is extremely more beneficial than its small detrimental effects.

I’m looking forward to your report on Cannabis, not only because I am a Medical Cannabis Patient but I really want the Nation to start talking about Cannabis and educating themselves of the truth. That way I won’t have to live my life so oppressed.

We just got FDA regulation on cigarettes to relieve a big burden on the health care system and now there's consideration to legalize a substance that is probably 10-times more destructive to our lungs than cigarettes? Interesting!

Thank you for opening up the discussion of marijuana. We hope that CNN will bring this topic up in a positive light. Thank you. Any attention to legalize this wonderful plant is greatly needed. Let's hope Obama is watching this week!

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  1. Isabel, Brazil

    Friday, the show was great! But the liveblog was slow ... which is a pity because the special "The Lone Wolf" could have been much debated.

    June 15, 2009 at 11:26 am |