June 4th, 2009
07:25 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 6/3/09

Editor's Note: Wednesday night’s AC360° viewers continued to respond to the abortion issues which resurfaced due to the killing of Dr. Tiller. The majority of last night’s response centered around Diane Elder and her choice to forego a late-term abortion. Here is some of what we heard and we would love to hear from you:


Excellent interview of the pro-life mother who gave birth to a baby who died a natural death! I was in tears. It was done with sensitivity and heart.

I wrote to you earlier about my perception of your program's bias against the prolife movement as evident in the airtime you gave friends of Dr. George Tiller who blamed his murder on inflammatory language of prolifers. I would like to thank you for featuring Diane Elder who chose not to have an abortion because she did not want to kill the child in her womb.

Your interview with the mother who chose to hold her terminally ill baby until she took her last breath was really touching. You were courageous to accept her email and to give her the opportunity to tell her story. You and your guest can’t even imagine the lives you have touched. Thank you

While I applaud Diane Elder for her choice, she should still remember that choices to allow the birth of seriously ill or afflicted children are also cruel. Give them life if there is a life to be had.

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