May 28th, 2009
07:02 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 5/27/09

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, a few asked that full quotes from Judge Sotomayor be used as short ones are easily taken out of context. It was also asked that “American Idol” be kept honest by having them changing their voting practices.


CNN should use in their entirety the quotes of Judge Sotomayor. It is an injustice to her to let pundits and critics come on to shows with quotes out of context. John King on AC360 pitted Hispanic against Hispanic. Alex Costellanos in an effort not to be against Sotomayor ended up blaming President Obama for nominating her. John King does not even try to be impartial; tonight he had that "Gotcha" grin on his face, along with Alex, as he questioned the female guest. Anderson Cooper talks about "Keeping Them Honest"–he needs to look right at home.

Keeping American Idol honest!! We are very saddened that a corporate sponsor would interfere with the voting process, violating their own rules. 38 million votes from Arkansas, with a population of 2.8 million. How about one vote, one person ~ the foundation of our democracy. With today's technology, it would seem that the votes could be recounted, and eliminating any multiple votes that came from the same phone number. Let's call it a tie and have 2 American Idols, as the process was so flawed and unjust.

If you are going to pander to right wing nuts' views on Sonia Sotomayor, P-L-E-A-S-E, use her entire quote w/o slicing and dicing a la Fox Noise into convenient sound bytes, easily misconstrued and spun by her critics, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, not "pulp fiction"...

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