May 19th, 2009
07:00 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 5/18/09

Editor's Note: Topics from Monday night’s AC360° brought response on Nancy Pelosi’s knowledge of water boarding (and comments on the role she did or did not play by keeping silent), the “Don’t Ask Don’t’ Tell” military policy, and Dr. Gupta’s segment explaining Farrah Fawcett’s cancer and her battle with it. Here is a sampling of comments on these issues. We hope you’ll read them, and then tell us what YOU think:


I do not understand why the media continues to focus on what Nancy Pelosi knew about water boarding, when the real issue is that the Bush Administration was torturing people, and torture is legally, morally and ethically wrong. Whether Pelosi knew about it or not does not change the fact that it is wrong and those who engaged in it should be punished. Why are the Republicans being allowed to change the subject away from the real issue?

Pelosi is saying she was misinformed. At least her 'misinformation' hasn't started a war. The Bush information also says that they were 'misinformed' about Weapons Of Mass Destruction, and then blamelessly started a War! Let's get things into perspective here. Many want Pelosi to "step down" over this controversy and yet have consistently remained silent about the previous administration plunging this nation into an expensive, deadly and protracted conflict because of their “misinformation". What's wrong with this picture?

Gay people are sprung from the loins of many good and Christian people, they aren't from Mars! God created us all!

Anderson as far as the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy goes; I think that it should stay that way! I think for the safety reasons, not so much moral reasons. I am in the Navy and I know how hard it is to live in close quarters with other service members. I have no problem with the gay community but I think that putting people in awkward situations that are already stressful would take the focus off the fight. With a military that is already stretched thin with back to back deployments and adding more drama is asking for trouble.

i served 28yrs in the military 1961-1989 gays and lesbians served and served well .the generals and officers are not in the trenches ask the senior ncos e-7 and up, that’s where your answer lies. We could care less as long as they accomplish our mission...stop the garbage. ps I’m not gay

I didn't watch Farrah's documentary, but having grown up in that era, it's impossible not to be interested in her journey. Colon cancer runs in my family so I was happy that Dr. Gupta explained the difference between colon and anal cancer.

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  1. Larry

    We hear of the problems with the President saying he was going to close down Guantanomo and now the Congress will not give him the money to close it. When have we started closing down perfectally good facilities because of abuse by either guards, administrations or whomever? If abuse happens in a prison in the US do we close it and tear it down or do we just change the administration and the policies that it operated under? Why close down the facility when we can just state we are not operating the facility under the same rules as the previous adminstration, Period!! This symbolic gesture of closing the prison down is costing the taxpayers money that doesn't have to be done and this also keeps dangerous prisoners from setting foot on US soil. Why hasn't this option been brought up or we so hung up on the symbolic gesture of closing it down?

    May 19, 2009 at 12:03 pm |
  2. Winston

    Generational theft : The massive amount of thievery that has been allowed to transpire in the last ten years from this country is beyond imagination. It is in such wide spread epidemic proportion that the only thing that could counter what has happen is to quiet simply, (PRINT AND ISSUE NEW MONEY). The old money would no longer be honored. Wouldn't that send a clear message to all the thieves, crooks and liars of the world, that all the money they have stolen from the tax slaves and U.S government, that is sitting in there over seas banks accounts is now worthless. It will be interesting to see just how much of this new stimulus package, tarp cheese money is absconded with, by the international money mongers and aardvark rat packs. At the very least ankle bracelets should be issued for Bush, Chaney, Kissinger, Greenspan, and Rumsfvelt, all must be cousins to Bernie Maddoff. Sincerely, Einstein the Mastermind, Huntington Beach, Ca.

    May 19, 2009 at 11:21 am |