May 7th, 2009
07:06 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 5/6/09

Editor's Note: Feedback last night was mostly about the murders of Chicago children. Opinions were mixed as some thought the story brought to light an issue not being covered enough by the media. Anderson was encouraged to keep up the good work. However, viewers on both sides of the gun control debate argued the real problem was the gun control laws or the inability to enforce them. Ultimately, said viewers, everyone was to blame for the lack of action. Lastly, Gary Tuchman continued to receive praise for his highway robbery segment. What do you think?


Anderson, I TIVOed Ac360 tonight and I was just watching it when, I seen the part about the Chicago school kids killing. I went on another networks website to find it and to my surprise it was not even on there, that's just how much this matters to the news media here and that's a shame. Please continue the good work

How can this story be covered without discussing the epidemic of guns in our cities? Our children are dying because the NRA's obsession with the 2nd amendment fails to protect our society from assault weapons and easy access to illicit guns. Hunting deer is one thing. Allowing our children to be gunned down outside their homes and churches is another and is a devastating tragedy of shameful proportions. God bless the bereaved parents and siblings.

I would also like to point out regarding the Chicago children story that Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation after Washington, DC. Does this mean that tougher gun laws equal safer streets? Citing Chicago for this example would prove no. It doesn't, despite what their police chief said on the air. To have a fair report Anderson, you need to include this sort of information.

Our children are dying at the hands of our children. Who is to blame? We are.

Bravo to Gary Tuchman for his excellent reporting on highway robbery by those abusing their power as law enforcement officials. Your coverage helped Roderick Daniels to recover his money. Stealing from a family of 6 is despicable!

Please get Gary Tuchman a Twitter acct. Lots of Twits wanted to praise Texas piece, and couldn't because he's not on.

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