May 1st, 2009
04:05 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 4/30/09

Editor's Note: Last night many of you wrote in about the swine flu. Many of you had questions and a few of you agreed with the VP Joe Biden's comments about traveling in confined places, even after Randi Kaye’s segment dispelling various myths of traveling and rates of infection. What do you think?

Anderson, is it possible that the H1N1 virus has been in the US infecting people during a good portion of the flu season? Masked by the normal flu out breaks? It's easier to spot now and we weren't looking for it before.
Could terrorist be involved in the swine flu outbreak?

Joe B. is right - though his comments were a bit wide sweeping. My own personal experience: 1 yr ago during a 4-day trip to L.V., I became ill with "the flu" on my last day. I was expected @ work next day, I had no hotel reservation & NWA was not going to provide me a cancellation refund. And so, I departed with 170 other travelers. I had a fever, could not stop coughing and felt worse about the germs I knew I was spreading than I physically felt. How many of you have gone to work feeling sick? The couple seated next to me told me of their good luck while in L.V.; I wondered how lucky they felt two days later. Who cares about the air circulation fans on plane? How can you avoid "Lady Luck" seated next to you on the plane?

i was just wondering should I sent my kids to school because of this flu because some kids at their school are sick and are still going to school so what should i do

What is your advice for children and adults, who have suppressed immune systems or auto immune diseases? The anti-viral recommended fighting the swine flu, do they work as well for them or are there alternatives?

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