April 30th, 2009
07:32 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 4/29/09

Editor's Note: Last night most of you sent us comments about President Obama's first 100 days. The majority of you had favorable things to say about his plans, accomplishments and strategies for the future. The opportunity to vote on CNN.com during the president’s speech had many suggesting that the voting time should have begun earlier which would have offered an opportunity for more to vote. And as the swine flu pandemic threat was raised to level five (the second highest level) we heard more questions about next steps. Take a look at viewer voices on these two topics, then tell us what you think:
It has only been 100 days of the president's work schedule. People need to understand that every challenge will not be addressed overnight. He has displayed strong work ethics. His priorities are strategically lined up to accomplish "change" that is successful. People are embracing the carefully calculated decisions The Obama administration is executing. He is performing exceptionally well. I give him an A+. Americans should feel confident that the Leader of this country is fulfilling his promises one day at a time.

Overall I believe that President Obama has done a good job on his address. However, I am wondering why the President of the U. S. very rarely finishing his news conferences or addresses with "God Bless America". I believe this is a very important part of signing off and building a unity spirit among each of us and our nation. I believe that we would all agree that our country truly needs God's blessing upon it and all its endeavors. Thank you for your time.

I think it is a disgrace that the American people allowed 2 Presidential terms to reflect ignorance, treason and inadequacy on all levels to become the norm. This President's eloquence, dedication and intelligence are so refreshing and should be our expectation and not a shock. I applaud President Obama for tackling a huge catastrophe and I wish him success... for all our sakes.

It would have been tolerable if you'd polled your audience beforehand and then gave us the results after the speech, but the decision to make the voting process part of the show was very annoying. The last thing I need is to have Wolf reminding me to vote every 5 minutes.

How do you know when to go to hospital if sick with Swine Flu? Should I do elective surgery Monday? If you get over Swine Flu can you get it again?

How can the administration not see that it would be better to close the border where millions of people from Mexico are crossing each day, thus increasing the United States exposure to this deadly disease each and every day?

Thank you for your coverage of the Obama administration is a positive, non-bias way. You have given representatives from both sides of the isle to weigh in. You have also given a great job keeping us all informed on the Swine Flu outbreak. I feel informed – not frightened. Dr. Gupta has been wonderful – thank you for risking your health by going to Mexico City to report and help us understand this flu.

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