April 20th, 2009
07:01 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 4/17/09

Editor's Note: After Friday night's AC360°, many of you commented about the suicide of 11-year-old, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover. Most feel that the teachers had to have known as they know who the bullies in the school are and who is getting bullied.

Thanks for doing a story on gay bullying. I was 13 and suicidal because of gay bullying. It was the religious kids that were the worst. Ironically, it was God that spared my life. Today, I'm out, proud and gay and am grateful that I coped with the abuse.

I believe that bullying can be prevented by having awareness programs in school, directed and monitored by trained observers who interact with the children. Right now, it seems no-one really cares until someone gets hurt...many people have been hurt and scarred for life from being severely bullied, including myself. I am here to help any way I can.

I feel that CNN missed the point of the young boy's death. As his mother pointed out he was not gay and the bullying was based on the kids picking on him because he was different. You should have had a child psychologist on the show to discuss bullying instead of the gentleman to discuss gay rights. Bravo to the mom for standing strong for her son. May he rest in peace.

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