April 20th, 2009
09:30 AM ET

Searching for a family killer


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Gabriel Falcon
AC360° Writer

Terror mastermind Osama Bin Laden and Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger have been fixtures on the FBI 10 Most Wanted Fugitive list for years.

So has a medical technician from Brooklyn. Who is he and how did he become one of the 10 Most Wanted?
His name is Robert William Fisher. Just over eight years ago, he went on the run. While we don’t know what happened to him after April 10, 2001, we know what he stands accused of committing on that spring day in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The allegations are barbaric and hard to believe. But authorities say Fisher slaughtered his entire family in their home. Investigators say he then tried to cover up the heinous crime by burning down the house. When firefighters arrived to the scene, they found the bodies of Fisher’s wife and two young children.

The violence was barbaric. According to the Medical Examiner, all three victims had their throats slit. Fisher’s wife was also shot. It is believed an accelerant was then poured over their bodies to apparently hide the killings.

Three months later, Fisher was charged with three counts of murder and one count of arson. But by then, he was nowhere to be found. Fisher was a fugitive from justice, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.
The FBI considers Fisher, who is described as an avid hunter, armed and extremely dangerous.

The agency has posted three pictures of Fisher on its 10 Most Wanted web site. Two of the photographs show him smiling. In the third picture, Fisher appears bare-chested. His eyes star intensely into the camera lens. The FBI has also altered the portraits, to suggest what Fisher, who turned 48 on April 13, may look like now.

There is also videotape on the site with Fisher holding a child. Take a look at the photographs and the recording. Maybe you will recognize the alleged murderer.

The 6’0”, 190-pound Fisher has blue eyes and brown hair. According to the FBI, “he has a noticeable gold crown on his upper left first bicuspid tooth. Fisher may walk with an exaggerated erect posture and his chest pushed out due to a lower back injury. He has surgical scars on his lower back.”

Fisher may be working in a medical center. He was employed as a surgical catheter technician as well as a respiratory therapist. He has also worked as a firefighter.

There is a $50,000 reward being offered for information leading to his capture. Take a look at his pictures. If you believe you have seen him or have information on his possible whereabouts, immediately contact the police department or your local FBI office.

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