March 26th, 2009
07:39 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 3/25/09

Editor's Note: After Wednesday night’s AC360° from Mexico, many of you sent suggestions on how to “solve the drug problem.” Legalizing drugs was a popular theme with many pointing out it would take away the incentive for illegal trafficking. Another popular suggestion from our viewers was to simply fully close the borders between the U.S. and Mexico. (And we appreciate the thanks we received from many of you for our efforts to bring awareness to this issue). Take a look at some of what we heard, and tell us what you think:
It is about time that the United States frees up the tremendous resources wasted in combating illegal drugs by making all drugs legal. Drugs should be taxed like cigarettes and liquor and a portion of the proceeds should be allocated toward drug addiction treatment centers where addicts can be rehabilitated. By removing the profit motive in drug dealing, a huge among of criminal activity will be made valueless..... This Drug problem can be fixed simply & quickly by closing all traffic in & out of Mexico by this I mean all , no foot traffic no cars no trucks no air no boats no cruise ships, no exceptions.

If the drugs were legal here the incentive would be gone for the criminals. Let us just legalize them like it was about 100 yrs ago. If an "of age" person wants to kill themselves with them, so be it.

I would like more info about Juarez and El Paso. I realize it is not a particularly blissful situation, but we need additional specifics. How about the Military Fort in El Paso? Are they helping to stop drug and gun smuggling? And if the guns are coming thru or from U.S. who is making them? It may be more about guns than drugs.

I was born in the U.S., but I have lived in Mexico for some 30 years. The biggest drug problem I see is people in the USA use too much drugs...

The USA is the major consumer of drugs in the world, legalized the drugs and fix the problem...or at least will improved. Corruption rate is the same as in Mexico but looks cleaner in USA.

Thank you, thank you, Anderson, for covering this story. I have been following it for some time and was alarmed by the fact that more people aren't talking about it...

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