March 5th, 2009
09:01 AM ET

The Wizards fan who talked trash to Obama

Dan Steinberg
Washington Post

When I saw all the photos of Obama at the Verizon Center getting into it with a fan wearing an Obama t-shirt, and then read the caption identifying the guy as "Washington Wizards fan Miles Rawls," I smiled. Then I thought, "Wait a second....Miles Rawls?"

That would be Miles Rawls, the commissioner of the Goodman League down in Barry Farms. The same guy who rocks the mic throughout those classic summer league games, saying, for example, "Man, they bumping like a [bad word]" when players make contact. The same guy who once pointed in the general direction of me, a Slate editor and a Comcast SportsNet employee and saying 'Man, we got white folks in the house. When you've got white folks in the house, you know you're special."

That must have made for some interesting Presidential banter, I figured.

"We were up by 15," Rawls remembered in a phone conversation this afternoon. "I told [Obama], 'You can tell them to warm up the limo, Sir, because this is a wrap here.' "

And really, not too many people can claim to have taunted a sitting President with the old "Warm up the limo" chant.


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