March 5th, 2009
08:01 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 3/4/09

Editor's Note: Following Wednesday night’s AC360°, many of you sent us comments about Rush Limbaugh and Paul Begala. Some of you felt that “President Obama is being targeted by Rush Limbaugh, not the other way around.” Thanks were heard for George Clooney and his efforts in Darfur. What do you think?

Anderson, how come is that when Sr. Edward Kennedy, or Barbara Bush have health problems of any kind, they are diagnosed AND treated a few DAYS later, while I cannot get either for years?? Wherever I go to get medical help, I am being thrown out: nobody wants to pay for my health problems. Isn't it interesting observation, how another half lives in the same USA?

Enough of Rush Limbaugh! CNN gets fixated on some people and you never let it go! Examples: Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, now Rush Limbaugh. Who needs this? We are in a crisis. I want to hear from intelligent people, please!


It seems to me that President Obama is being targeted by Rush Limbaugh, not the other way around. Limbaugh is a disgrace in my view, and he is just loving all this media attention he is getting. The media is feeding the beast. So what else is new?

Thanks for drilling Begala tonight like a good journalist should. You are really the only journalist that is interesting and fair these days.

I have to give this show credit for more coverage of the Darfur genocide. Al-Bashir does not deserve to be tried. He deserves the same fate as the over 300,000 people that he has ordered murdered, not to mention torture and rape. The more recent shows are proving to be less racist than previous episodes I observed. Not sure the Darfur issue would receive any coverage without George Clooney's efforts though.

As always, Anderson Cooper was very much the gentleman this p.m. when he expressed his good wishes and sincere interest in the surgery of Former First Lady Barbara Bush. He never reveals personal politics because he is a true journalist and a professional.

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