February 24th, 2009
08:08 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 2/23/09

Editor's Note: Monday night’s edition of AC360° brought questions from viewers who want to know why the suspect in the Chandra Levy case is not being referred to as an illegal immigrant. We also heard from more of you with comments and opinions about the state of the economy, and a few of you wrote in to explain to Anderson what “huckleberries” are. Take a look at some of what we heard on these subjects, then tell us what YOU have to say:

Why didn't you mention on your news show that the man who supposedly murdered Chandra Levy is an illegal immigrant?

It appears to me that our nation is returning to the years when we had millions collecting Welfare. The greed of corporate America has literally crippled our country by outsourcing our jobs. I can't imagine these corporate executives did not realize that they were destroying America and Americans. Now that we are all unemployed and homeless they may as well stop importing goods because we have no funds with which to buy anything they import, while those in foreign countries, where our jobs were exported, are living like we were once able to.

After watching a show that was discussing a menu for a dinner at the Whitehouse, Mr. Cooper & his guest seemed to be unsure about what a huckleberry was...So I felt a need to clear that up! They are a berry that is a little smaller that a blueberry but much sweeter. They are found usually in higher elevations of the mountains and to my knowledge are not commercially grown. I know we have them here in Washington and in northern parts of Idaho and Oregon. They truly are the best ever!!! So if he should ever be in the area he really should try something huckleberry!!!

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  1. roxpop

    Could you make a statistic with the College/university educated people on unployment in Silicon Valley, or California?
    There are many. There is part of Companies policy of cost reduction and moving off shore for cheaper places. Many off those people lost their home not because of bad motgages but because IT IS NOT possible to pay a motgage from unployment – .They can survive 3-6 mo. but after this ... It is not way to find an other job- this is about Hight tech (electronics, RF, analog design) and those people are OVERQUALIFED when they try something else. It is not about me- I have a job, a good motgage, I pay for my kid University but I can see around me...
    It is hard to beleive that things can go better just with economists, sales persons, laweyrs. I may be wrong...but I beleive in creativity, technical creativity is a kind of gift that no everybody has.
    Thank you for your time

    February 24, 2009 at 4:01 pm |
  2. Ken

    I have a novel idea for stimulating the economy and lessening federal and state spending: better intrastate child support enforcement and collections practices. As a single father of two; I am currently owed almost $11,000.00 with little or no help from my home state or my ex's state of residence. Going to court ordered enforcement hearings is a futile effort for most custodial parents as our laws are antiquated and not sympathetic to the custodial parents.. I can only imagine the millions of dollars owed to thousands of parents out there. With better communication between states and updated enforcement procedures not only could we generate millions of dollars in revenue for custodial parents but also lessen the budget needs of individual state and federal child support enforcement agencies. Non-custodial parents are continually allowed "one more chance" to pay up without any real ramifications in place for not doing so in a timely manner. Meanwhile; the custodial parent is left not only with physically taking care of their children on a daily basis; as well as the growing burden of financially doing so without help. Child support is for the children and their needs; so it would make sense that with new streamlined, cooperative efforts between agencies securing more monies for their obligees would help stimulate the economy in many ways. The owed monies would be spent on healthcare, clothing, food, childcare expenses thus injecting millions of dollars in the local economy without raising taxes or our national deficit.

    February 24, 2009 at 11:30 am |