February 20th, 2009
07:55 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 2/19/09

Editor's Note: After Thursday night’s AC360°, our feedback from viewers was dominated by questions on how the stimulus bill. Many wanted to know how it will help them and just how much it will end up costing taxpayers. Others believe it is the only chance to change things. How about you? What are your thoughts on the stimulus package?

When the first bailout was drawn up the media calculated the amount each taxpayer was contributing towards the bill, how much are "we" the taxpayers shelling out as of now?

Bailout is not putting monies in our pocket. Unemployed, have car payment, utilities, rent, a child in college, and have to try to buy food for us because DHS say I cannot receive food stamps for him because he does not work. I receive 188.00 a week for unemployment to take care of all my bills and buy food.

Stop focusing on the negative and the outrage about the mortgage bill. We pay our mortgage on time and I am quite thrilled the President Obama has acted! That helps ALL AMERICANS in terms of property values and the economy. Instead of droning incessantly, give some perspective! That is as much your job as anything...not just reporting "there is outage out there!"

Although housing prices are dropping here in NJ prices are still high and a tax cut that republicans had initially offered would've been better for a lot of new homebuyers then the present one.

My husband and I disagree with those who have voiced anger over President Obama’s plan. We do not view this as a bailout to people who were taken in by shady lending practices, who are underwater with their mortgages, who have lost their jobs due to no fault of their own, or the smaller percentage who lived beyond their means. We view this as an investment in our future. We would gladly pay the taxes in order to save tens of thousands of dollars of our home's value and our subsequent equity.

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  1. Monte

    I am glad that the US Government is stepping to help out the American citizens. It is about time that it is recognized that the citizens are the people hurting out here in the real world. However, corporate leaders have stepped up to the plate and are combatting all that the US Government is trying to do to help out the citizens. Here is my latest great news from my employer(HP Corporation).
    The whole Corporation is taking pay cuts due to the economy. I fall into the lowest pay reduction catagory(THANK god for that) which is 2.5% of my pay is being pulled right out of my pocket every paycheck. It only gets better, I also get less from the corporation in my 401K match. I am losing another 2% of matching money to the 401K. All said, I am losing 4.5% of monies that would have been comming to me from my employer.
    Again, I applaud the US Government stepping in and trying to help out the American citizens in this time of need. I have done my math, and the $65 per month I am getting back from the government, is basically going right to my employer in the form of the 2.5% paycut and my 2% loss to my 401K.
    In short, for me anyway, all this help means nothing to me. At least I can say that I have lost no money, but I have gained no money either!

    February 22, 2009 at 2:38 pm |