February 12th, 2009
07:01 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 2/11/09

Editor's Note: After Wednesday night’s AC360°, we received a lot of questions Suze about the economy and personal finance. Some of you were not happy about the viral video of the boy in the car after a trip to the dentist. A lot of you still want more details about Nadya Suleman and who is paying for her hospital bill along with how she will take care of 14 children. Finally, many of you were livid about the bonuses Morgan Stanley gave out no matter what they are calling them (bonuses or retention awards).

I would like Suze to teach Washington financial responsibility and have Suze Orman classes as mandatory part of the American education system as apparently Americans think you do not have to repay your debts this can be left to next generations

What is the tally on the hospital bill for the octuplets up to this point? How much do they cost us each day? If the mom gets rich off of this, does she have to pay these hospital bills?

Finally real comments about the banks... I think that there should be more... Here is a good one for you: AmEx just reduced my credit limit to be under what I owe them... just few hundred under. I have been a customer since 1993 and probably spent 200-300K over the years. 2 weeks later it shows on my credit rep. as over the limit. I am just wondering what other brilliant idea they will come up. I am sure that other card companies now will increase the rates to let's say 50% APR to make it easier for one to pay off. Thanks for bringing the real news.

I think using the tag "BREAKING NEWS" for every run of the mill story that should be considered just news is a cheap marketing ploy and a fraud on the audience.

I cannot believe that Morgan Stanley is going to hand out bonuses to financial advisors in spite of the American people bailing them out of a slump. i think that Morgan Stanley should go under with the help of the government and all the money given to them should be divided up between the American people

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  1. Ray Bergeron

    I don't understand why "Mr. Peanut" is in front of congress wasting their time and our money AT ALL ...( never mind the hiding behind the 5th amendment part).

    Why is he not in a cell somewhere charged with murder and awaiting trial?

    Why is congress involved and not just the judicial branch/process?

    Can anyone explain it to me? I'm quite confused.

    February 12, 2009 at 1:48 pm |