January 5th, 2009
01:17 PM ET

What do Gaza, Burris, Richardson and Franken have in common?

Program Note: Join us tonight as Anderson reports LIVE from Israel. AC360° tonight at 10pm ET.

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Barclay Palmer
AC360° Senior Producer

For the candidate of change, they're all bringing some quick changes. They're all quickly changing Obama's new world order.

Is Israel getting what it wants from its attacks in Gaza...is Hamas getting what it wants? Is the best we can hope for another TEMPORARY end of violence? Egypt keeping its borders closed, preventing humanitarian aide from getting to suffering and dying "fellow Arabs?"

Obama plans a $300 billion tax cut...some say it's to appease critics on the right. Maybe...But Obama has shown a Bill Clinton-like move to the middle in many more ways than this one.

Roland Burris arrives in DC, saying he wants the Senate to abide by the law and seat him. No irony there.

Bill Richardson wanted to be president.. then vice president.. then secretary of state.. then commerce secretary. Now? Forget about it. Is it possible that neither he nor Obama's vetters didn't see this Grand Jury investigation looming? Never mind - Richardson says he has the best job in the world now anyway.

Finally, two months and a day after the election, Minnesota's election board says it will certify Al Franken as senator, with a margin of just 225 votes over in cumbent Norm Coleman. That's one 100th of a percent. How could two such completely different candidates run so closely...Is this not more evidence that we are two countries attached by just a few percentage points of swing voters?

And yes, John Travolta... why is his son's death awakening anger at the too-cool-for-school star... Given the ambiguity of Jett's condition, should it?

What's your take? Please join us for a special 2-hour edition of AC360 at 10pm tonight.

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  1. Cindy

    I'm looking forward to seeing Anderson live from Israel. Maybe he can get in there, get some interviews with the higher ups and make some sense of this nonsense happening in Gaza for us. I just hope that he and the crew stays safe!

    I just have to laugh at Richardson and his predicament! The man just keeps going down hill. He shouldn't have bailed on Hillary! You know...karma always gets ya! OK..and when you're corrupt it'll always be found out sooner or later. So if he is accused of paying to play then why isn't he being kicked out of office like Blago!?


    January 5, 2009 at 1:31 pm |
  2. Cori from Colorado

    We'll all be watching in anticipation of what Obama will be doing once he takes office. Needless to say, the next few weeks will be interesting.

    January 5, 2009 at 1:27 pm |