November 27th, 2008
08:51 AM ET

Caravan for compassion

Kate Devries
Kernville, California

In Southern California, mountain communities in the Kern River Valley are feeling the pressure of a failing economy. Local food banks are experiencing shortages as more residents are seeking their help to survive.

One neighbor heard the need and spread the word. In less than two weeks several residents had volunteered to form a "Caravan for Compassion." The Caravan is a food drive...


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  1. Bill

    This little piece from November of 2008 puts on a good dog and pony show for viewers. The donors are good people who were unaware of the agenda behind the caravan at the time of this taping. Since then, people in the community have wised up to who runs this organization, and have gone back to giving to the decades old regular food drives in the Kern River Valley. Our community is now chastised weekly by thew local liberal newspaper for not giving enough, when in fact plenty is being given to groups who deserve it, and make certain it gets to people who also deserve it. The so called "Compassion Caravan" shown in this clip is a front for the local "progressive" party in the Kern River Valley.

    These people are now asking for tents and sleeping bags as well as food. They are "recruiting" homeless and drug addicts on welfare and other types of governemnt aid from out of town, and setting them up in this valley with makeshift homes behind buildings, in fields and anywhere out of sight. There is no supervision as to how much food is given to individuals who go to three different locations and often "double-dip" then sell the excess for drug or booze money. The resources of our local hospital are being stretched thin by this influx of "new residents" who tend to have more medical problems than the average person.

    Conveniently coincidental is the fact that the husband of the founder of the compassion caravan was just elected to the very same hospital board in late 2008. Also conveniently coincidental is the fact that there is soon to be a proposed bond issue to make major improvements on this same hospital, but it needs to look good to the local taxpayers to pass. A large influx of state money from so many entitlement recipients frequenting the hospital is just what the "doctor" ordered as far as cash flow to put this proposed bond in a favorable light and dupe a largely unsuspecting community into approving the bond.

    There is definitely a hidden agenda behind the "compassion caravan", and it has nothing whatever to do with compassion. These people desire local control and possible county and state political seats, not aid to the needy. Of course publicizing much of this locally is near impossible since the editor of the local newspaper is a ranking member of the Kern Valley Progressive Alliance for Change, which is behind the curtain playing the great and powerful OZ to their easy to dupe general membership.

    May 11, 2009 at 12:18 am |
  2. Bill

    Let's set the record atright about this article. Below are the real facts.

    The Kern River Valley Caravan for Compassion is not what it's backers would have you believe. There are many other organizations which have been, and continue to collect and give food to the needy in this area for decades. There are restaurants in the area who feed the hungry out of their own pockets several times a year.

    The reason why the caravan for compassion has such a poor community turnout is that it is actually a front for the local progressive (communist) party. The few who do donate to this group do so either because they are members, or they are unaware of the Kern Valley Progressive Alliance For Change; a local leftist political club full of self-proclaimed atheists and other assorted individuals who lack a moral compass of any kind. They are who runs this "caravan for compassion". These people are like Cuckoo birds, using the pre-made nests of other local clubs and a food bank called God's warehouse to further their political agenda. They do not have any compassion and they care nothing about the needy. Everything is politics to this group, and their aim is to gain name recognition in the community so certain of it's unscrupulous members can gain political seats in this county.

    This is and has always been a very giving community, it just doesn't appreciate the tactics or underlying agenda of this group of Hypocrites.

    May 10, 2009 at 4:02 pm |

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