November 26th, 2008
10:42 PM ET

India target: cafe loved around the world

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/11/26/art.leoplold.jpg
caption="Cafe Leopold in Mumbai, India."]
One of the places targeted in the devastating Mumbai terrorist attacks was the Leopold Café. Anyone who has traveled abroad has been to beloved spots like the Leopold…maybe not in Mumbai…maybe in London, or Mexico City, or Rome…but it’s a familiar place…the type where you can be thousands of miles from home, but feel like you’re in your own favorite neighborhood café.

The Leopold has its own fan club with over 400 members from across the globe on the popular social networking site facebook. The scale of the Mumbai attack is not yet fully known, but this event will no doubt hit home for many people around the world who've been there:

Here's a description on a Facebook.com page devoted to the Leopold Cafe:

“It's not uncommon to walk into this Colaba institution and not see a single Indian face around. Why it's such a hit with foreigners is a mystery, since the food is good but not exceptional, and the atmosphere can be noisy and rather smoky. All the same, it is consistent, and because it's one of those popular places where tourists like to share stories with other tourists over a beer, it deserves mention. It caters to Western tastes by providing items like cereals, eggs and toast, fish and chips, and club sandwiches side by side with chicken biryani and Indian-Chinese fare. The fresh fruit juices and lassis (yogurt drinks) are always a good bet if you're looking for a light pick-me-up during shopping forays on the causeway. And if you're keen to get the inside scoop on how Bollywood films are made, hang out here; casting agents looking for foreigners to work as extras on current productions frequently scan the clientele for able bodies at this favored travelers' hangout.

Tip: Check your bill before you pay it to make sure it doesn't contain anything you didn't order.”

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  1. Mari

    The initial news reports said that the US guests at the Taj hotel were Diplomats and Military officials. If they were meeting there, what was going on? Did the terrorists know this in advance?

    What is a Jewish center from USA doing in India? Why did the locals not even know that there was Jewish center next door? Did the terrorists know more than Indians about Israeli visitors and activities there?

    Why were federal employees such as military officials staying in a 7 star hotel? The carpe diem rate that they had to follow would not even pay for a 3 star. The Taj is so opulent that only royals and presidents could afford to stay – as in Waldorf. The same question to a young CNN reporter who was staying there too??!

    Planning to watch movie "Syriana" again... the undercurrents in all these are known only to a few. Was there an ulterior interest to bring down financial state in India. What about the military interest to get India to buy defense equipment.

    These terorists get away in India because they look like other Indians. There are more of them lately in India -the ones who could not speak local language, had long beards, very tall harsh looking and riding in groups in huge SUVs. Then the ones born Indian but by early adulthood becoming angry and printing inflammatory pamphlets and speaking hate.

    The last group in India are the nouvelle riche Indian Muslims with swiss bank accounts-who started off humble and suddenly came in to a lot of wealth- unexplained and unapologetic. They say that they made it in the Middle East countries? Is it a deposit for future terror loyalists?

    December 1, 2008 at 12:49 am |

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