October 20th, 2008
08:30 AM ET

Morning Buzz: Transformational Figure or Socialist?

Penny Manis
AC360 Senior Producer

Barack Obama probably woke up pretty chipper this morning. His campaign announced a record shattering fund-raising total for September of $150 million. He had huge turnouts at his events this weekend, police estimated a crowd of 100,000 in St. Louis, and 75,000 in Kansas City. And he got an endorsement from former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a Republican and a longtime friend of John McCain. Powell said that Obama is a “transformational figure”, and that it wasn’t easy to disappoint McCain, but he expressed concern over his friend’s handling of the financial crisis and his choice of Sarah Palin as VP.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, she didn’t have a bad weekend herself as she made an appearance on Saturday Night Live which drew its highest ratings in 14 years. What did you guys think of her skits? Well in between her SNL participation, she didn’t peel from the campaign trail too long, as she joined McCain in stepping up efforts to suggest Obama’s tax policy borders on socialism. McCain used the word in his Saturday radio address, and he also said that Obama is “more interested who gets your piece of the pie than in growing the pie.” Palin also used the S-word this weekend, and there have been “Obama is a socialist” signs at both their rallies in recent days.

We’re sure to hear more back and forth along these lines today. Obama campaigns in Florida where early voting begins, and he teams up with Hillary Clinton early evening. It is rare we see them both on the trail campaigning together. McCain campaigns in Missouri and Kansas City today. Candy Crowley will give us the latest.

Ed Henry follows Palin today in Colorado. He will look at some of the prominent conservative voices that have turned against Palin, yet she does continue to generate buzz and draw crowds to her events. Is she helping or hurting the campaign 15 days ahead of the Election? Joe Biden has no public events today but his medical records are released this afternoon.

On the financial front, most markets were up overnight, so we’ll see how they fare on our side of the pond. Meanwhile, Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke appears before the House Budget Committee to testify on the state of the economy. Ali Velshi will bring us the latest tonight. We also continue our Most Wanted: Culprits of the Collapse series. Who it is may surprise you.

See you tonight!

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  1. Cindy

    Regarding Obama being a "socialist...well you know what they say...if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck! Everything that he stands for and wants to do to this nation is exactly how a socialist run government is. He wants the government to run every little thing. Plus he wants to take money from people who work hard and make something of themselves and give it to people who don't. Smells like socialism to me!

    Sarah Palin and her skits on SNL were extremely funny. I think that she did a great job. We don't see Obama up there doing anything. Heck they don't even do anything on him. Probably because they are afraid of being called racists, which is what he yells about anyone who disagrees with him.


    October 20, 2008 at 9:06 am |
  2. nancie

    What did I think of Palin's SNL skits? Frankly, I thought they were corny. It didn't seem like she or the cast put in their best effort. Perhaps the campaign didn't want her to say too much because it seemed like she was holding back. SNL is usually bold and riskly with its humor and with Palin, it felt like they wanted to be careful not to be TOO funny or TOO offensive. As a result, it wasn't funny. Much of what makes SNL and the Tina Fey skits so funny is that they are bold, they take risks and push the limits. I was expecting more and the Palin skits were just a little to safe to be funny.

    October 20, 2008 at 8:48 am |
  3. Sarah (another one)


    You mention Joe Biden releasing his medical records. Are we ever going to see McCain's or was that brief glimpse he allowed a few people a month or so ago all we are going to get?

    McCain hasn't looked very healthy during some of his recent public appearances. It would be good to be reassured at this point.

    October 20, 2008 at 8:35 am |