September 23rd, 2008
08:00 AM ET

Are the candidates reaching Hispanic Americans?

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Hispanic Trending

What concerns are Latino VOTERS facing? To understand, let's divide the voting-age Latino community broadly into US Citizens, US Residents, Documented aliens (i.e. those working and living in America with a work visa) and undocumented aliens. The last three do have concerns about the future of this country and can vocal about them, but, bottom line, they DON'T VOTE (as much as they would love to be able to do so). This immediately changes the playing field, and reshuffles the weight some concerns have among those who will fill in the ballots to choose our next President.

So what worries Latino Voters?

The main issues that are keeping Hispanics awake at night are pretty much the same that hover over the heads of any red-blooded American (aren't we all red-blooded?): The Economy, access to Health Care, Cost of Living, Job Security, education, National Security, Future Energy resources, Getting Lou Dobbs off the airwaves (just kidding), being able to provide for their families and provide for themselves after retirement... Yes, among Latinos the "notorious" immigration issue most certainly scores higher within their overall list in comparison to other groups, but surprisingly to some, not everyone of them marches to the beat of the same drum on this regard. Do you recall that there are Latinos among the Minuteman? Independently of where they stand on this issue, it certainly does not score as high in importance as the other issues listed above.


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