August 26th, 2008
11:54 AM ET

Convention night, playground fight!

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/08/26/art.kennedymcain.split.jpg caption="Sen. Edward M. Kennedy at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Monday. Sen. John McCain before his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Monday."]Barclay Palmer
AC360 Senior Producer

Tonight is Hillary's night–will it work? She'll try to galvanize her supporters to back Obama. Her historic drive for the nomination, and her 18 million votes will be acknowledged in a deal letting her be nominated, and then she herself might call for Obama's nomination by unprecedented acclamation.

Now THAT would be historic. Everyone happy now? Will Hillary supporters stop flirting with McCain, and back the big O?

Separate question-James Carville and others have argued the Dems at this convention are making the same mistake all over again–playing too nice, and not fighting the GOP hard enough.

Yes, Hillary will take'em on tonight, but it's easy to dump the bad cop role on her. You know from all the cops'n'robbers shows - If the good cop never gets tough, the bad guys run circles around him. Witness McCain's appearance on Leno, his newest 3a.m. ad, his expected mockery of Obama at the American Legion convention today.

Mccain is not playing the usual quiet role during an opponent's convention. While Dems understandably get misty over Kennedy and Michelle, McCain is in Obama's face, and tweaking his nose.

The bell has rung. McCain is coming out swinging. Will the Dems stop smiling at the crowd in time, and get fighting?

We'd love your thoughts...Thank you.

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  1. Felix Ortiz

    Isn't about time for Hillary and the whole Clinton Family to Give up, they are liars and they really know how to manipulate. Does anyone in there right mind think that what she is saying right now at the DNC
    is true. No she is just trying to manipulate the followers that use to back her that have just snapped out of there fantasy world that any Democratic candidate could change anything for us in the United States. There goals is not to just tell us that they can fix things in America, but once they win try to be the real Dictatorships of the USA. Besides there is no man or woman of any party now that can save us, and what hurts the most is to see Ministers of the Gospel that would even stand behind a party that will stand for killing innocent babies, and for so many other immoral acts that go against the principles which are great nation was founded under. So wake up People look at what the democratic party is trying to do, they are the real enemies here.

    August 26, 2008 at 10:55 pm |
  2. Annie Kate

    With the Democratic convention as the focal part of the news this week McCain is introducing the new ads to get the attention of the Democrats and Independents watching who are not happy with Obama – McCain is also trying to stay in the news. Its too close to the general election to disappear completely from the public view for a whole week. I just wonder what will the Democrats do next week when the GOP has its convention? A little tit for tat??

    Annie Kate
    Birmingham AL

    August 26, 2008 at 10:14 pm |
  3. maryanne

    If a normal person had really listened to M.Obama's speech they would know that part of her rheteric was based on Marxist Saul Alinsky's "RULES OF THE RADICAL". God help us.

    August 26, 2008 at 9:55 pm |
  4. Larry Gray

    I am a Hillary Clinton supporter as are 18 million other voters and I was shocked by Obama's pick of Joe Biden for his Vice President. Obama was the "anti-Washington" candidate but he chooses for his V.P. one of the longest-serving members of Congress. Supposedly this is to help Obama on his weak experience in foreign policy. Obama turned his back the Hillary supporters like me and basically told 18 million people that their opinion means nothing to him. He throws a sop to these voters by having Hillary speak at the convention, where she is supposed to call for party unity. The only thing that would guarantee party "unity" is to change his decision and make Hillary Clinton his V.P. nominee. I have never missed a vote since my first one in 1972 but this time I am opting out. I am not going to support John McCain but I will not support Barack Obama either. Since my wishes and those of 18 million other Americans, many of them women, mean nothing to Obama, his candidacy means nothing to me and I am far from the only person who feels this way. This election should have been an electrifying ticket for the Democrats, but now all anyone can do is mouth their approval of Obama's bad choice and hope that Clinton supporters will go along with his ill-advised decision and pretend that nothing has changed.....the bad news for Barack Obama is that many of them won't go along with this charade of party "unity," myself included.

    August 26, 2008 at 9:16 pm |
  5. Amy, Chicago

    Playground fight – please, if it could only be that interesting!

    I received a call, another network is giving information and talking about the issues, I'm finally getting something to think about -

    I'm splitting my time now between CNN and the other cable network –

    The Dem's are are drowing in thier own disorganization!

    August 26, 2008 at 8:52 pm |
  6. lucia costa

    If Mr. Obama is so anxious to gain the votes of Senator Clinton's supporters, why didn't he offer the VP position to Mrs. Clinton? What an hypocrite!

    August 26, 2008 at 8:26 pm |
  7. alex

    Why can't Barack come to the convention a day early a d during the roll call he uses his democratic delayate vote and vote for Hillary. This would extend the olive branch to Hillary and her supporters, recognizing her 18,000,000 voters.

    August 26, 2008 at 8:24 pm |
  8. lampe

    Tyrone: I don't know how old your are, or if you ever really paid attention to politics before. But Ted Kennedy, and Jesse Jackson, took their fights all the way to The Convention Floor, with a hell of alot less votes then Sen. Clinton had. So before you go accusing so meone of something please take the time to find out the facts first. And HL; The DNC, is the ones who threw our futures down the drains, when they made their little shady back-room deals.

    August 26, 2008 at 8:12 pm |
  9. John

    To all those who profess that they do not know what Barack Obama stands for I say this. You know what George Bush stood for how did you like that? expect more of the same from McCain. More war, more deaths of young men and women, a worse economy, more foreclosures, job losses, higher gas prices, do you see clearly now?

    August 26, 2008 at 7:00 pm |
  10. Presley

    Oh please, Big Baby McCain shaking his rattle and stomping his feet.
    Will he hold his breath til he turns blue too?
    Political temper tantrums are amusing and make me point and laugh, like when someone runs into a sliding glass door.
    That's all he's doing, channeling the inner child. It's playground warfare and until he rules the Monkey Bars and Teeter Totters, expect some more Wet Willies and a few casualties of sporadic spit wad misfires.
    I'll be on the swings, I'm from Michigan, we are a swing state after all.

    August 26, 2008 at 5:54 pm |
  11. HL

    Those so-called Hillary supporters who are going to vote for McCain are not true Hillary supporters. If they were, they'd never vote for a Republican who is against everything Hillary is for. Those people just want to cause more division and fear in America which is something the Republican smear campaign has oiled and running. The Democrats and their candidates want to change the political environment for unity. And all this talk about Senator Obama not having enough experience or not being ready to lead is ludicrous. Senator Obama has gotten this far by working well with others and using common sense and good judgment. Besides, Bush was elected and he supposedly had the leadership skills and experience to be President, but look what's happened to the US under his reign. Now, the rich Republicans want to hand the US over to another rich old man who needs help remembering what he's supposed to say and do. If elected McCain would continue the same Republican/Bush policies that has put the US in the worst economic and foreign relations situations in decades. I just hope the voters wake up and realize that they're selling their future to the oily GOP if they vote for McCain.

    August 26, 2008 at 5:19 pm |
  12. Kim

    I'm afraid this may not be the appropriate place to leave this message – but I was really bothered by the "best political teams" coverage of the convention last night. If I wanted to here Anderson and Wolf blather for hours I would just watch CNN non-stop. I wanted to hear what Nancy P. had to say but CNN didn't even begin to broadcast her speech. Perhaps people are saying there was no consistent message because CNN now thinks they are the story and their commentary is more important than the actual event.

    August 26, 2008 at 5:06 pm |
  13. Tyrone


    Senator Hillary Clinton just like Senator John Edwards LOST" to Senator Obama. And the other seven candidates that ran against him. The Hillary supporter should get over it like all the other did and are now supporting Obama. Never in the country history has this talk ( and it only a few) continue this long after a LOST! Obama had NOTHING to do with Hillary or all the other candidates losing . BUT other then he ran a better campaign AND WON!!! There is no truth to the DNC and Obama working together that the lie that is being TOLD! It looks like the people who are so mad about Hillary losing where really never ture Democrats. Some are willing to give there vote to a clear and proven idiot ( John McCain). A person who has shown horrible judgement that resulted in the death of Americans in Iraq FOR NOTHING!!! McCain also has jumped on off shore drilling . Once against he is now for it. This was only after the national polls came out stating that 78% of Americans want to drill. McCain also knows that it would take anywhere from 7 to 10 years before we see a drop of oil. So McCain knows it will not solve todays problem nor would it solve the problem of big profits for the oil company. But these people are willing to give there votes to John McCain. They all should be shame . America is in a mess on many levels . And the republican President and John McCain is behind the mess. WE KNOW THAT WE SEE THAT WE LIVE THAT! NOW TODAY AS I BLOG!! It is time for true leadership in this country and it must come from the people. Americans need to step up and fight back and listen. Obama is the only way out this mess . Obama has the better judgement for the country. John McCain is the pass and so out of touch with America and the world.WE SEE IT!

    August 26, 2008 at 4:56 pm |
  14. Tyrone


    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton lost as did: Governor Bill Richardson or Former Governor Tom Vilsack and Former Senator Mike Gravel and Former Senator John Edward and Senator Christopher Dodd and Senator Joseph Biden . Now can anyone tell me why the pundits are not reporting about there supporters. And who there supporters are voting for! Hillary's supporters are reported daily. How Hillary's supporter are voting and why some are not voting for Obama. Hillary supporters are Democrates and just like all the other races to the White House in the pass. Will support the winner of the Democrates! And that is Obama. Democrates needs a Democrate president in office . To fix the mess the country is in! All the above candidates knows that and Hillary knows that. McCain will be another four years of the Bush policy. During this general election McCain is lying to the American people as did Bush. Same old policy of the past. McCain is old and out of touch with America and the world. How did being capture and crashing planes make McCain a expert on world affairs??? 27 years in the senate and what can Americans say McCain did ...Other then voting for a war that should have NEVER been started! America please wake up and see McCain as the past and part of the mess the country is in TODAY! RETIRE THIS OLD MAN!!

    August 26, 2008 at 4:56 pm |
  15. lyn-NY

    Hillary will not be forceful.
    She will say exactly what she has been saying.

    Everyone has seen the difference in her campaign compared to endorsement speeches for Obama speeches.

    Hillary will be vindictive to the end.

    Obama has done nothing to her. Obama should not have been asked to help her to pay for her stupidly.
    Obama never slammed her in talked about her pass mess in "Whitewater".

    It is just sad that the Clintons are seen for what they really are,
    “The Vindictive Clintons” and it is only because they did not win.
    At the end of the day it boils down to the fact that, "They have lost in so many ways"

    August 26, 2008 at 4:32 pm |
  16. Mindy Chatsworth, Ca.

    To Ryan –

    Another thoughtful post from you. I agree with you about everything except the idea of voting out the local politicians who supported Obama. Are you saying that we should vote Republican just to get revenge? We need a Democratic Congress, so we have to support local Democrats running for office. I don't think it accomplishes anything to punish Democrats who supported Obama. That is not what lost Hillary the nomination. It was blatant and malicious sexism and gender bias, especially from the media, combined with her own high negatives and tendency to polarize people and some bad campaign decisions and strategy.

    I strongly supported her and was sick at heart when she narrowly lost. It took me a few weeks to come around, but I knew I would not desert the Democratic party. I believe that as the trouper she is, Hillary will give a rousing speech tonight that will raise the roof. Anyone who supported her and would now even remotely consider supporting John McCain, needs to take a breath and think about what that would mean. Do we really want to stay in Iraq for a hundred years, do we really need the deficit to climb to even higher record levels, do we really need to lose out on universal health care coverage, do we need to see more people losing their jobs and their homes? These are a few of the issues that we must take into account when we vote in November. This country can't afford four more years of a Republican administration.

    McCain is just an older version of Bush, with more gravitas as a veteran who really did serve his country. Let's support all the Democrats, not just Obama and let bygones be bygones.

    August 26, 2008 at 4:31 pm |
  17. Sandy, Arkansas

    I really like the title "playground fight" because it is so appropriate. Do we need children running our country? I think not. A good leader knows how to stop a fight. Obama had the chance if he had chosen Hillary. That would have soothed a lot of ruffled feathers. Instead he just threw gas on the flames. He is leaving the ball in Hillary's court and it is his ball to hit not hers. It will take him to get my vote...not something Hillary asks. His decisions are not swaying me toward him.

    August 26, 2008 at 4:18 pm |
  18. Tyrone


    While losing in the GOP presidential polls, Sen. John McCain is facing questions about what some Arizona political leaders view as his quick temper – they point out why McCain should not be President!.
    In a front page article and separate editorial Sunday, The Arizona Republic said it wanted the nation to know about the "volcanic" temper McCain has unleashed on several top state officials.
    Those who have been on the receiving end of a McCain uproar include Republican Gov. Jane Hull, former Republican Gov. Rose Mofford and former Democratic Mayor Paul Johnson of Phoenix.
    Mrs. Hull, ( A FEMALE)_ a supporter of GOP presidential front-runner George W. Bush, has acknowledged that her relationship with McCain has been cool and told an interviewer recently McCain "has to keep control" of his temper.
    A Hull spokesman, Francie Noyes, said the governor had no further comment on the matter of McCain's temperament and that "she wants to move on to other things."
    But the Arizona Republic, which endorsed McCain for each of his five congressional races but has not yet made an endorsement in the presidential race, was direct. Stating . HE IS A IDIOT!
    Even some of McCain's supporters acknowledge a short fuse, but say that should disqualify him to be president.
    State Superintendent Lisa Graham Keegan, who also is a McCain supporter, said she has argued heatedly with McCain many times over the years and oces was scared for her life!
    Mrs. Hull told the Times that McCain's temper "is something that John has to keep control of." According to the Times, when Mrs. Hull was asked to describe McCain's temper she pretended to hold a telephone receiver several inches from her ear.

    August 26, 2008 at 3:48 pm |
  19. Tyrone


    Senator Joe Biden was my initial “pick” for the Democratic nomination. He knew he was a “dark horse.” but I have followed his Senate career closely. When that didn’t happen, I strongly supported Senator Clintor-volunteered hundreds of phone hours and contributed to her campaign. The Obama/Clinton ticket was a pipe dream. I was THRILLED when Obama choose Senator Biden as his running-mate. To me, it was the wisest choice he could have made. I know that many Clinton supporters have “hard feelings.” However, only the seriously demented would use their votes to support John McCain who “soldiered” along with George Bush to place this country in the economic mess we’re in, the Iraqi war which can never be “won” and who believes that “Americans are better off” than we were seven years ago. While I respect Senator McCain’s service to our country and empathize with his years as a POW, he’s an old man who doesn’t know who he’s talking about most of the time, totally out of touch with realities faced by most Americans and can’t remember where he is, let alone how many homes he and his wife own. How the Republican party allowed this man to run, I’ll never understand. The Country will be worse off if McCain gets near the White House!

    August 26, 2008 at 3:47 pm |
  20. Tyrone


    At first Mc Cain did not want to talk about being a POW, and now he cannot stop talking about it. I live around a Millitary Base and there are many POW’s and they even say that does not qualify anyone for President, as a matter of fact they say most POW’s do not like to talk about it because they do not want to relive the experience. I believe that McCain sees that everyone is buying into the fact that he is and so now he is using it as part of his campaign. I truly respect his courage and suffrage as a POW but there is such thing as using it as a crutch. He has been a politician for a long time and he knows what works and what doesn’t so therefore the more he expresses POW, the more the public falls for it. My issue is that since he has been a politician for such a long time and has so much experience, then why aren’t things different, why is America in the condition that it is. With all his experience things should be different, certainly he had some influence on congress and George W? This just shows that McCain is too old and out of touch with America and the world. McCain has nothing but the POW story. He can't turn to his record because he voted 95% of the time for President Bush. The worse President in the country and is viewed by the world as a man of horrible judgement!

    August 26, 2008 at 3:46 pm |
  21. Tyrone


    Thousands of supporters were expected at a Saturday rally in Springfield, Illinois, to see the debut of Sen. Barack Obama and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as a presidential ticket.
    Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, announced his selection of Biden as his running mate with a 3 a.m. text message and a statement on his official Web site.
    "Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee," the text message said.
    "Joe and I will appear for the first time as running mates this afternoon in Springfield, Illinois - the same place this campaign began more than 19 months ago," Obama said in an e-mail sent to supporters Saturday morning.
    "I'm excited about hitting the campaign trail with Joe, but the two of us can't do this alone," he wrote. "We need your help to keep building this movement for change."Now stand by for all the hate and lies to start. Against Sen. Biden and as normal...OBAMA!
    Before the text messages were distributed, multiple Democratic sources confirmed to CNN early Saturday that Obama wanted the Delaware senator as his vice president. I'm waiting for the attacks that will have to come. There are the comments Sen.Biden said about Sen. Obama while he was a candidate for President and was up against OBAMA! The shameful thing is that the country needs Obama & Biden. FOR CHANGE!

    August 26, 2008 at 3:46 pm |
  22. CH

    The news media should spend more time, energy and commentary on Barack Obama and Joe Biden instead of the Clintons. If the DNC coverage focused on the Obama/Biden ticket – which is the best news story in town – their polling numbers would skyrocket. Who cares about what Hillary Clinton does or thinks.? Give Obama and Biden the spotlgiht they deserve.

    August 26, 2008 at 3:44 pm |
  23. Dennis

    McCain better keep quiet or Obama will sic Biden on him.

    August 26, 2008 at 3:34 pm |
  24. dkla

    First I would like to comment about CNN's James Carville and others that have argued the Dems at this convention are making the same mistake all over again–playing too nice, and not fighting the GOP hard enough.
    Here's how it was explained to me: The Republicans "the ends justify the means" and for Dems the road to get to the end is as important as getting there. Republicans will do anything to get to the end the journey is not important. The journey is important.

    Second in a very gracious way, Michelle Obama did point out that values are important. That she and Barack learned strong values which included treating all with respect even though you may not agree. Jab John McCain and Bush. We really can't afford four years of McCain, since Bush has taken all the money out of our bank.

    August 26, 2008 at 3:29 pm |
  25. Lorri Cancellieri

    Sorry but I can't support a candidate that I believe to be inept at running our country. Senator Clinton should have been the nominee and no matter how she tries to sway her supporters to back Senator Obama as 1 of the 18 million I just can't be persuaded to vote for someone and a party that let us down.

    August 26, 2008 at 3:28 pm |
  26. Monica

    Maybe I missed something, didn't Hillary lose? Why don't she accept the fact that she lost and move on and support the Democrats and ask her husband to stop harping on his Presidency days....my gosh people don't be sore loosers. And I'm sick and tired of people talking about this is Hillary's night! No it is not her night, she did not win the election so stop, please stop trying to take the spotlight because it is Obama's moment to shine! A change is about to come and now we can get down to some REAL work in the white house and Congress since they don't know what REAL actually is......by the way, I will see if I can get those Hillary supporters to help her pay her debt!

    August 26, 2008 at 3:22 pm |
  27. DAVID

    How is it jimmy carter can get away with a national interview last night refering to Obama as"little black boy" are we still slaves and I am not an Obama supporter, are would i ever be. this sounds like a double standard. You guys would have been all over a Rush or some conser... toalk show host. What is up. It would have over shadowed the convention. Do something about this expose the double standard here. Push to get Carter to retrack his statement on national T.V.


    August 26, 2008 at 3:20 pm |
  28. nick the greek

    Monday night was a snooze fest. Biden was the worst choice for this whole"change" mantra. Any dem who votes like Biden did in 2005 for the GOP Brankruptcy act and saddled the middle class with 33% credit card interest rates and neverending debt is a traitor and a scoundrel in my book. His son is a lobbyist and ex MBNA bank officer, the Delaware bank behind this despicable assassination attempt against the average joe.

    As Monday night proved, The great liberal essayist Gore Vidal said it best: "Change to what?"

    August 26, 2008 at 2:31 pm |
  29. JC- Los Angeles

    It's as if the Democratic National Convention has taken on Barack Obama's constitutional law persona; they're affraid to make waves because they're busy trying to argue both sides of each issue.

    Obama strikes me as someone who was never in a schoolyard fight; if ever there was a time to throw down, now is the time; there is no place for playing nice; pick a side and jump into the fray.

    Obama came in preaching change; after selecting Biden, after hearing that Michelle is on six boards, after book advances, sweetheart loans and shady Rezko real estate deals, I'm sttill trying to figure out what change he is alluding to.

    Time to throw down and show the nation.

    August 26, 2008 at 2:21 pm |
  30. SN

    True Hillary supporters will NEVER vote for McCain! Hillary supporters will back her issues and vote for OBAMA!!! "YES, Obama can and NO McCain can't "!!!!

    August 26, 2008 at 2:12 pm |
  31. Jan from Wood Dale IL

    I had to laugh out loud when Michelle Obama declared yesterday that "her husband's word is his bond". Ask Chris Dodd if he feels that way. I have an email from Senator Dodd dated 7/1/08 regarding FISA legislation that includes retroactive immunity. He discusses the Dodd-Feinstein amendment which would prevent giving the telecoms immunity. He also clearly states "This amendment has the support of Majority Leader Reid and Senator Obama." On July 7th and 8th I called several Senators on behalf of Chris Dodd and this amendment. Guess who ended up voting against it...Senator Obama! So much for his word being his bond!

    Hillary Clinton voted for this amendment, but unfortunately it didn't garner enough support from other Democrats to pass. Obama had a perfect opportunity to unify not only his fellow Senate Democrats, but to work across the aisle on behalf of this amendment. Instead he ended up letting everyone down. A glimpse into the type of leader Obama will be if elected president.

    August 26, 2008 at 2:03 pm |
  32. MC

    I am a true Hillary Supporter and not a Rush Limbaugh influenced Republican-acting as a Hillary Supporter. All the true Hillary supporters will never vote for 4 more years of Bush politics.

    The Republicans cleverly voted in the Democratic election as a Hillary supporter are finally coming out. You are not fooling anyone. You were never a Hillary supporter. You were a McCain supporter.

    As for Michelle's speech, she articulated her family background well. As a true independent, I am voting for Barack Obama. I am tried of the negative commercials and the continuous lies. There are many independents and republicans who are voting for Obama.

    August 26, 2008 at 2:02 pm |
  33. Heddy

    I was appalled by the biased coverage on the part of CNN. There was an active attempt to focus on the negative speculations of "there was not enought red meat". Well, Nancy Pelosi's speech did not even receive air time so where was the "beef" that was in her speech - answer: it wan't covered.

    Last night was historical and monumental. Yes, the Kennedy legacy lives on in Barack and Michelle, Teddy and Caroline. And yet, we are still living in the same America as the '60s with death threats to Obama and "he's a Muslim" cover up for racial bigotry. God save this country and Obama is the only hope. At least the Europeans understand this only too well!

    August 26, 2008 at 1:52 pm |
  34. Ryan Field

    Guys...I hate to post like this...but I know how all the Hillary supporters feel because I am one. I'm not happy with Barack Obama and I think his wife came off looking wooden and irrelevant last night. But I am now supporting Obama because his issues are my issues, and they are also Hillary's issues. And, when you really look at it, Obama might have great potential. I hope so anyway.

    I am voting for Obama because I truly believe it's one of the most important elections we've seen in ages...in spite of the fact that I supported Hillary and I'm sick she didn't get the nomination. So I know how people feel in this respect...I do know.

    Look at it this way...vote for Obama, but then you can get even with all the people who supported him. I live in PA, and I'm not voting for anyone of the politicians who endorsed him during the primaries. Patrick Murphy, Bob Casey...I'll vote republican on that level. If you live in CA, don't vote Nancy Pelosi back into office; she doesn't deserve it. If you live in NM; don't vote Richardson back in either. Teach the DNC a good hard lesson. But for President, I think we all have to suck it up, no matter how *hard* it is, and vote for Obama right now.

    August 26, 2008 at 1:51 pm |
  35. KJ

    Hillary will support Obama, as that is what is expected of her. However, as a Clinton support, I will not support Obama.

    It will be a sad night when Hillary calls on the delegates to end their support of her and shift to Obama- as the stage is planned out to do. It will show her graciously giving her support to Obama. It is a show, as her true supporters will never support Obama.

    As for Michelle's speech, I could not bring myself to watch it. As an Independent, I am quickly losing all respect I have for Dem.'s.

    August 26, 2008 at 1:45 pm |
  36. Sharon

    If Hillary, turns her back on the voters of the Democratic Party. It will hurt her.

    It will gain nothing for Obama.

    All who voted against Obama, did so because he is unfit to be the President of the United States. We still feel that way. With or with out Hillary.

    Whether she is being coerced or intimidated or Threatened. That is to be seen. The Democrats against Obama, will always be against Obama.

    So Hillary will be sacrificing herself for nothing.

    August 26, 2008 at 1:44 pm |
  37. Rob W

    No unity in the Democrats, lucky that the Republicans are all great buddies...McCain and Romney or McCain and whoever will do the same act, smile like "used car salemen" and hug.
    However, standing around looking nice and spruiking change will not work. Americans deny it, but they buy the negative stuff big-time, wake up Democrats and start telling it like it is, we are worse off now than in 2000 and Bush and McCain are to blame. Nice guys finish last, ask John Kerry and Dick Cheney.

    August 26, 2008 at 1:41 pm |
  38. sharons

    Last night we watched the convention on c-span. My man insisted because he didn't want the non-stop commentary or analysis. Later, after it was over, I switched back over to CNN, but to my dismay to hear Carville and Gergen ranking on the Democrats for not using the Convention opening to attack the Republicans. I got the sense that they blame the Democrats for not getting Sasha and Malia out there with hammers and stakes while wearing those t-shirts they have showing Bush as a vampire sucking the neck of the Statue of Liberty!

    I love you CNN, I really, do, but you need to get your analysts to take a chill pill. It's a convention for g-d's sakes! Most of it is going to be boring... I'm sure the vanilla, redneck music playing crowd at the Republican Convention next week will be more than nasty enough to sink your chops into.

    Let us decent Democrats enough ourselves a little

    August 26, 2008 at 1:36 pm |
  39. Lee Anderson

    Ted Kennedy stole the show last night! I've never been big on his politics but I greatly admire him as a person. I honestly believe he does what he truly thinks is the right thing and does it with more personal integrity and courage than most do.

    I guess we know now who helps Obama write his speeches: Michelle, undoubtedly. They are both great orators, but we need a PRESIDENT not an orator. While many simply want a Democrat in power, most need to know just HOW all the "changes" will be made. I think most everyone already knows WHY they're needed! A little concrete evidence of the HOW on Obama' s part would be extremely helpful.

    If I had MY wish, we'd have a THIRD party - The INDEPENDENT POPULISTS! My personal motto has always been one of the greatest things Shakespeare ever uttered: TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE. The only way I can do that when I go to the polls is to vote for my cat, Yoyo.

    August 26, 2008 at 1:33 pm |
  40. Rosie/TX

    America, if Senator McCain cant remeber how may houses he has, what make you think he will remember a call that comes in at 3AM in the morning a crisis. Think about how much he will remember than.

    August 26, 2008 at 1:29 pm |
  41. Wes Ketchem

    Hillary's 18 million supporters will make a big difference. Has CNN surveyed how many Republicans will crossover and vote for Obama? You seem to imply that only Democrats will be voting this fall.

    August 26, 2008 at 1:23 pm |
  42. Maritza

    Unity? ..... hipocracy is more like it . Hillary supporters have a very ligitimate right to be angry at the treatment of their candidate that did in fact gain 18 mil voters trust. Who really cares about a phony speech , the action behind the words does not exist. Democtrats have a real problem , America is to smart to buy their swamp land in Florida. The truth is Obama , Hillary and Bill are spitting nails behind the scenes their is no unity in their party. Tell that to David Gergin.


    August 26, 2008 at 1:13 pm |
  43. Mohammed Ali

    Today we go into the second day of the 2008 DNC, this day we move into what people expect to see more of party's directing into the Clintons turning voters, alliances, and possible the white house to the republicans for the 3rd in the row.
    Tonight Senator Hilary Clinton will or shall take the attention and must have the right plans for ending her campaign and convencing her supporters "who" are mostely democrats, some independent voters, and hopefully not any republicans. Also Sen Hilary will make sure to speak wisely about her co-democrat elects for the Presidency, attacking will be her easiest speech walking away from her promise, walking away from her campaign, and the convention as being a winner of many americans who chose to give her the support back as far as men, women , and me as an imgrant who belived in the Clintons. And that they were very inspiring for the last 20 years or so and have been successfull in the party, local governing, and national heros.
    Tomorrow her husband former president Bill Clinton will also wrap up the last days of clean democratic campaign for the ones who still back him and his wife Senator Hilary Clinton to move on and enjoy the new two running mates. This maybe the end of many democrat voters to enjoy the freedom and deliver more questions into the ticket of Senators Obama/Biden. and why should we be voting for a ticket with-out Sentor Hilary/Obama, Obama/Hilary, or not.

    August 26, 2008 at 12:56 pm |
  44. Mad as a mother...Dem

    I think Hillary should stop coddling these people. Her race is over. I love the Clintons and I love what Bill did for this country. If she would have won I would be right behind her. Cheering her on. But she didn't win. Barack Obama won. Can you support something else that's historic? There is more than just one cause to get behind.

    August 26, 2008 at 12:35 pm |
  45. GF, Los Angeles

    Both the Dems and Reps have done nothing but talk to get the vote but in reality do nothing other than further their own agenda or play the political game. Since both McCain and Obama are pro illegal immigration, I refuse to vote for either one of them. It's obvious they both pander – in this case the Latino population since it's expected to explode in years to come. They're not really looking out for America's interest by trying to make it easier for illegals to undermine our jobs with cheap wages and continuing to pay for their healthcare and education with our tax dollars. I challenge both of them to really take a stand for America and say what a lot of Americans have said – DEPORT the illegals! It is not racist to deport an illegal and if a person says it is, enough with playing the race card!

    August 26, 2008 at 12:33 pm |
  46. Superwoman

    I think Hillary is just doing what she knows has to be done to bring the party together for Obama to win. I think that she wishes is were her in the position that Obama is in but she also knows that it isn't a good idea for John McCain to get elected. I think it's big of her to do so.

    August 26, 2008 at 12:28 pm |
  47. JT

    Hillary is a democrat, she has to do what she needs to do.

    BUT, The problem will not go away.

    Obama has no experience. It is still a dangerous world.

    We will be safer with McCain.

    August 26, 2008 at 12:27 pm |
  48. Kenneth Noguera

    What did Michell and her brother say last nite nothing that I was interested in which is the economy and my getting a job. Forgive me but a bunch of bull I say cut the bull and get to how will Mr Obama fix our economy and other issues. Ken Victorville, Ca

    August 26, 2008 at 12:25 pm |
  49. Rocky B

    Joe Biden ?? Listening to him talk about "bringing a bi-Partisanship to Washington" is like listening to Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad say "Israel, you can trust me". Obama could not have picked a more hostile, Partisan and consummate Hypocrite then Joe Biden. Oh yeah, the same guy that said" I would serve with John McCain any day" and also "Obama is NOT ready to be President"....choke on that one liberals, I can hear you now, "but, but, but, but...."

    August 26, 2008 at 12:17 pm |
  50. Cindy

    I could care less about the fighting or bashing. The Dems problem is that they talk about how they are going to change things yet have come out and told no plans as to how they are going to implement a change.

    They need to talk about the issues and how they plan to fix them. With a real plan and not just I want to do this or that. They have none as of now.

    As far as McCain goes...well he is doing what he has to do while the iron is hot! Him staying in the public eye and denouncing Obama will undoubtedly keep Obama from getting a huge jump in the polls. Obama will do the exact same thing next week. If he doesn't then he is dumb!


    August 26, 2008 at 12:12 pm |
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