August 24th, 2008
10:15 AM ET

Take a ride on the Denver rollercoaster

Kay Jones
AC360° Editorial Producer

Last night was the welcome party for the media covering the Democratic convention in Denver.  And this year, the host committee did an amazing job. The party was at Elitch Gardens Amusement Park, conveniently located just next to the Pepsi Center.

When you get 10,000 journalists together you never know what will happen. The best part for me, outside of riding the roller coasters, was the people watching. And boy, was it interesting!

Obviously, I ran into a ton of CNN people, but I also saw some AC360 guests: Robert Zimmerman was there, walking around the game area. Former Denver DA Craig Silverman was riding one of the roller coasters, only after putting down his huge bag of stuffed animals that he had won.

Finally, the end of the night saw a great fireworks show as well as CNN Political Director Sam Feist showing me and the rest of my gang all of the stuffed animals he won. The smile of pride on his face was priceless!

All in all, a successful welcome party, that managed to bring out the kids in all of us.