August 13th, 2008
03:23 PM ET

The truth about Caylee

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Gabriel Falcon
AC360° writer

It’s the unspoken and the whispered, the off-the-record comments some investigators are telling reporters. It’s the gut feeling strangers and the concerned following the story from around the country feel in the pit of their stomachs. But it’s no so much what many think might have happened to the little girl. It’s the fear.

Her grandparents believe Caylee is most likely the victim of a kidnapping, possibly abducted over money Caylee’s mother, Casey, could have owed to someone. Earlier this week, AC360's Randi Kaye said the family expected good news to come, perhaps as early as this week. We hope they are right. And people are praying they are right.

But here’s the troubling part. When a child goes missing, and days give way to weeks, then months, without a clue or solid credible lead, the fear grows deeper that the child is in harm’s way, and may never return home again. The constantly changing stories from her mother Casey only add to the apprehension, and suspicion of a crime.

According to the lead detectives, Casey said she could help find her daughter, but only if they released her from jail. She is refusing to cooperate with authorities. A parent’s complete unwillingness to offer information she may have about her child’s whereabouts is baffling, and for many, beyond understanding. For the police, it’s a sign she may be keeping a very dark secret.

The truth about Caylee is that we may never know the truth. Why did she vanish? Why did her mother lie? And where is Caylee now?

In the end, they are questions that demand to be answered. Will they?

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  1. jerilyn

    I agree with Heather. This child is dead. The grandparents have been offering a $225,000 reward for the return of Caylee. Don't you think that someone would have jumped on a reward like that. Also this case reminds me of the Trenton Duckett case. The mother committed sucide and Trenton was never found. I bet if they let Casey out of Jail that is what she will do and take the truth to her grave. She is definitely a pathalogical lier and one of the most disgusting people I have read about. I think she was jealous of all the attention the child got from her parents. The parents slipped up somewhere as they continue to keep making excuses for her behavior. Why isn't she working with the police and telling all she knows. We might never know what happend to Caylee.

    August 14, 2008 at 10:24 am |
  2. LAURA

    this whole case is a throw back to susan smith, the mother who drowned her two little boys.unfortunately this little one is most likely gone also. the whole family cant get their stories straight and it just feels like cindy and george anthony are hoping some one will believe their craziness as well as casey's.i think they helped dispose of that child and are hoping by the time she's found they will be able to convince everyone that someone else besides their daughter committed this act. maybe it was an accident. maybe not. either way there's a child missing , alot of people working their hearts out to find her and the anthony family. i'm only counting on the first two of that threesome.

    August 14, 2008 at 10:08 am |
  3. shelley mayfield

    I am a grandmother of a three year old boy who along with his parents live with me.
    I would be unhinged, devastated, crushed, inconsolable and wouldnt give my child the time of day until he came clean . Cindy Anthony needs to put it to Casey that she doesnt exist until she tells the truth.

    The grandfather being a law enforcement officer knows they are enabling Casey to continue this nonsense. I'm not a lawyer but suspicion of murder should be the next charge on Casey until she tells a trackable truth!

    August 14, 2008 at 10:07 am |
  4. Pamela Wemlinger

    Sadly, I believe this child is dead, I think from watching Nancy Grace and the lifestyle of this mother, she has overdosed her trying to get the child to sleep, or left her in a car while she was "doing her thing" the thing I don't get and I haven't heard addressed is They state that Casey hasn't worked in over 2 years that she was fired from Universal Studios, Has anyone checked tax records to see if this woman worked somewhere else (my guess stripclubs) due to the pictures of her out having "fun" What has she used for Money the last two years?
    But if she was earning money legally someone has worked with her or employed her in the last two years. If someone else knows this information I'd love to hear it.

    August 14, 2008 at 9:52 am |
  5. Mona

    unfortunately, I do not believe this little angel is alive. I feel horrible, coming from a mother who as lost a child this really stinks. unfortunately, I also believe casey's mom knows what happened to her granddaughter. no matter what we believe what we know to be true is that this little angel is missing and we do not know where to look for her. please pray for caylee and hope someone with some common sense will help locate her. if it turns out that her mom and possible her grandmother has know her whereabout all this time and was looking for sympathy they both need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and then some.

    August 14, 2008 at 9:51 am |
  6. Laura

    From what I have heard, it is speculated that the father is deceased. He died in a car accident a few years ago and never knew Caylee was his child. So if this is accountable and true-then Casey has had another secret hanging over her head. There are no perfect families out there but are the grandparents seriously that gulible? Talk about being enablers...something tells me for years they looked passed thier daughters behavior. Parent's that likely let thier kids get by with anything and supported them in times when they were making bad decisions and needed to behave like a responsbile adult-they were there to catch them before they fell. It's sad. Thier focus should be getting thier daughter to crack and be honest..she needs to grow up and take responsbility for whatever it is that may or may not have happened. A genuine and compassionate mother would have talked to the police if she believed her daughter was in grave danger. The days and weeks go by and she sits in her cell likely telling herself that her lies are true. It's pathetic and sad. I hope they find Caylee...alive, but if she has passed on she deserves to be found and be given a proper memorial.

    August 14, 2008 at 9:49 am |
  7. Rae

    all i could think when casey said that she wasn't crying because she had things to do was, "what things?" she is in jail – all she has to do is talk to anyone who will listen and try to get her child back.

    August 14, 2008 at 9:46 am |
  8. Linda

    If you look around us you will see all the death with our children today,So many children are being killed,or beat or abused in some form,Iam not quite sure if the world has not went crazy.A mother is the person who a child trust beyound all orthers,What a mistake when that woman had a child.That poor baby either dead killed by the woman she loved and trusted most,or sold into God knows what,Iam so hopeing they will give this woman the death sentance if found to be the person who did this,Don't let her out of jail to look for her daughter,She will run and we will never find the child.She should know where her daughter is right now.God Bless that child where ever she is....A Mother and a Grandmother..Who can't help find that child.,What a mess and what a familey.

    August 14, 2008 at 9:31 am |
  9. marta akashe

    We're living in a disjointed, broken society. There is no sense of community. People don't know their neighbors. Children don't know their fathers. Casey Anthony is not the only person with no conscience.Entire generations grow up with not having any core moral values. So Kaylee died..another useless doll. This is the 21th century. thank you

    August 14, 2008 at 9:14 am |
  10. Pat

    If this mother knows anything about the disappearance of her child or where she is and doesn't come forth with the information she will have more serious problems to deal with than the justice system.

    What kind of a mother could do such a thing to an innocent, beautiful child? It is beyond heart wrenching.

    I know that God has Caylee in the palm of his hand.

    August 14, 2008 at 9:13 am |
  11. Marlee

    I pray that she is still alive. I hope the rest of the country will too. Hope is all we have at this point.

    August 14, 2008 at 9:10 am |
  12. Rebecca

    My gut feeling is that this little girl perished while being left alone in a hot car. Didn't Casey's car break down and/or run out of gas? Didn't she contact her ex-boyfriend for assistance?

    That mother is a nut job for sure, I really want to just slap her smug face every time I see the video of her on Nancy Grace.

    She KNOWS what happened to her child.

    It's time for her to tell!

    August 14, 2008 at 9:07 am |
  13. Pegster

    Ironic that Casey's initials are CMA.

    August 14, 2008 at 8:56 am |
  14. Julie

    What IS this world coming to??? This mother is obviously as crazy as an outhouse rat. What is she thinking? Oh, wait, I know what, HERSELF!!! A selfish little turkey who has dodged responsibility her entire life and an innocent baby pays the price. Good show, Mom and Dad! You raised her!

    August 14, 2008 at 8:54 am |
  15. Angie

    I just wanted to make a comment on WHY this case has gotten soo much attention. This woman has disrespected her child with her lies.
    She knows what happened yet she continues to stand behind her lies.
    We have seen this time and time with men and their wives but to sit
    here and read about a woman that has done something with her child and wont speak about it is just totally Insane. I just wanted to voice my opinion on this crime.

    August 14, 2008 at 8:47 am |
  16. Hana Cross

    As with so many other high-profile cases involving innocent children, I am sickened by this case. I believe the grandparents are working with investigators b/c they love their Caylee very much. We should trust the truth will be uncovered by the authorities and pray for all those involved.

    August 14, 2008 at 8:35 am |
  17. Kristen

    This is such a sad story. Casey is obviously a selfish, spoiled brat who may have never had to suffer the consequences of her actions. I would appear to me that the grandparents and uncle adored Caylee, as it should be. I seriously doubt that the grandparents or uncle have a clue what has happened to this baby, listen to the 911 calls, the grandmother conveys absolute shock and fear. I would say those calls were her most honest feeling and emotions. There is a tape of a visit Cindy made to Casey in the jail (prior to Casey knowing the calls were taped and could be made public) if you listen you hear Cindy sick with worry and expressing how lost she would be if anything happened to Caylee. I dont remember word for word but Casey's first response comes off as total jealousy at her mothers emotions over the baby. I think at some point the family WANTS to believe Casey and is doing what any family would do, search and hope for the best. They can "lie" to the public about believing Casey but they cannot lie to themselves and that is ok, they are doing what they have to do to get through this and find the grandchild they all love. I honestly feel Casey has a personality disorder that allows her to tell lie after lie and subtly turns herself into the "victim". I feel there was an accident and instead of reacting appropriately all she thought of was how this would reflect on her as a mother. I am sure that she felt competition with her mom over Caylee. If anything happened to Caylee in her care then her mom would win and it would prove that Casey was not capable of being a mother to Caylee.

    August 14, 2008 at 7:49 am |
  18. GK

    Casey is selfish and conniving. She killed Caylee because she did not want to be saddled with the responsibility of a child. This is evidenced by her partying immmediately after Caylee disappered and she reported this to no one. Once they charge her with murder- she will start talking. Given her big mouth, I am surprised she hasn't already (guess it's because she's in "protective custodody" isolated from a cell mate. I am sorry for her parents.... but it is time they face reality and pray they find Caylee's remains so she may be put to rest in a proper place and with the proper respect.

    August 14, 2008 at 7:43 am |
  19. Kathleen

    This woman knows exactly where her child is. She appears to be very self involved . It's all about her. She may have killed the child, traded her for drugs, sold her to the pervert who offered the most. Most likely a man in the mix as well. Bless the beasts and the children. They have no voice, they have no choice. Hope there will be justice for this little girl. Susan Smith murdered her babies, was convicted, but was given life instead of death because, (get this) her stepfather molested her when she was 12 or whatever. So poor Susan couldn't have the guy she wanted because he didn't want a ready made family. That was all it took for her to roll her car into the Lake. Instead of a needle in the arm, she sits with her hair all done and full makeup giving interviews from jail. She should be dead. And if it's proved that Caylees mother killed her, so should she.

    August 14, 2008 at 6:47 am |
  20. Melanie

    As a mother and grandmother, If one of my children were even an hour late coming home from school, or a friends house ,I was frantic and calling every person who might have known where they were, not going out to clubs and partying ! The first person I would have enlisted for help after going to police, is my Mother, not leave her or anyone else who loved me or my child in the dark! You don't have to be an attorney or law enforcer to realize this mother is hiding something! Promise her anything to find out where Caley is, then say "OOPS" we are sorry our promise is broken just like your proimse, when you gave birth, and promised to nurture and love your daughter. I hope this woman does not procreate anymore!

    August 14, 2008 at 6:44 am |
  21. Courtney

    How much money could Casey owe someone that they would take her daughter? Was she running some drug operation? I dont think so. It is sad. If she didnt want to be a mother why didnt she just leave Caylee with her parents?
    Shame on the Casey parents i understand supporting your child but they are completely delusional believing their daughter who has been lying for months.
    After calling 911 my mom and dad would be the next call after I realized my child was missing.
    Further more how well did they know this so called babysitter?

    August 14, 2008 at 6:03 am |
  22. David

    At this point it is obvious that a body is the most they will find. Amazing how such a cute mother could do such a thing, whether Caylee died due to misadventure or otherwise, her mother is proving to be a despicable person putting her family and the nation, really, through needless hell. Why not admit and deal with it? Hopefully forensics will be able to deduce the cause of death once the body is located, as the mother will never, ever come clean with what truly happened. Funny thing is, from appearances, she seems to think that everyone believes her lies. Too bad prisons aren't co-ed. She and Scot Peterson would make a cute, but deadly, couple!

    August 14, 2008 at 5:19 am |
  23. Samantha

    it is heartbreakin to watch this over and over again..i dont even know what to think anymore..i pray she is alive..but i think she is dead.. watchin the news and stuff.. sayin she might have dieded in a pool...i just think if that happen why didnt the mom call 911.. that what makes u think that she killed her.. and every not callin the cops the frist day she became missin..it makes u think.. and she is sayin that if she gets out of jail then she will talk and look for her daughter.. well why was she not lookin for her before..all she did was party..party..party.. and to tell u the truth i think that is what she will be doin is party..party..party..!!! i really think that she killed her little girl!!

    August 14, 2008 at 4:29 am |
  24. Ryuzaki, Canada

    I will never forgive such a horrendous crime!I

    From CNN videos I have come to the following 2 deductions:

    Possibility 1: On the day the child went missing an unfortunate event occured which may have cost the life of the child. Cassie probably negelected her during this period, possibly dumping the child on some babysitters of ill repute (possibly drug addicts). Cassie panics after the event and waits for them to turn themselves in (and claim ignorance and innocence for herself) hence no missing persons report.

    Possibility 2: Cassie has a a form of schizophrenia & paranoia that caused her to cause harm. ANd she is likely biding time to put together a psychological defence that she suffers from schizophrenia or sleepwalking and did not act on her own will at the time.

    August 14, 2008 at 4:16 am |
  25. Michael

    Caylee doesn't have a mother because a mother would show proper parent like emotions regarding their child gone missing and presumed dead. Personally I think the lack of emotions shows me that she ( the mother ) knows exactly where Caylee is and exactly what happened to her child, this = the mothers lack of proper emotions – mental state + lies that we are witnessing from her now .

    August 14, 2008 at 2:21 am |
  26. Julie

    FYI folks:
    Not one single police officer involved believes it was a kidnapping.
    They are merely allowing the grandparents to act out the lie.
    Why? It gives them time to find Caylee's body.
    That sweet sweet baby deserves a decent burial.
    Minus the attendance of her grandparents and mother.
    It seems as if the brother, Lee, is the only decent member of the family.
    I guess he spent time with his friends and their families while growing up.
    Casey? Hope you enjoy your extended visit in jail "Sweetheart".

    August 14, 2008 at 2:18 am |
  27. Julie

    This seemingly endless dirge of terrorized vulnerable tender young children brutalized and neglected by horrifying hideously disturbed excuses for parents and caretakers is revolting.
    Casey Anthony? Selfish spoiled mean girl.
    My bet? Casey has never been disciplined, never made to tow the line.
    We pray Caylee is alive but it's starting to look terribly disheartening.

    August 14, 2008 at 2:02 am |
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