August 13th, 2008
12:09 PM ET

The Shot: Monster or mutt?

A creature caught on a police dashcam could be a mythical creature from Mexico.

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August 13th, 2008
10:58 AM ET

Obama says 'Aloha': nets $1.3 million

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/08/13/art.obamahawaii.jpg]

Editor’s note: The following is a campaign trail update from a pool reporter following Sen. Barack Obama in Hawaii.

Derrick DePledge
'Honolulu Advertiser'

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama's motorcade left his Kailua vacation rental at about 7:10 p.m. to travel to the Kahala Hotel & Resort for a private reception and fundraiser.

His motorcade arrived at the resort at about 7:45 p.m.

Obama was introduced by Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, who said that Hawaii would be sending Obama to the Democratic National Convention in Denver this month with the aloha spirit.

"It was important for him to know, that not only are we with him in mind, body and spirit. But also we're with him with money," he said.

Obama took the stage with his wife, Michelle, and recognized many of his friends and Punahou School classmates who were in the audience.

"I've got friends here who have just been lifelong friends, people who have seen me through thick and thin, in tough times and in good times," he said.


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August 13th, 2008
07:30 AM ET

Morning Buzz: The Greatest Olympian EVER!!!!

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Good Morning folks...
Michael Phelps is the winningest Olympian EVER! 11 gold medals!!! Even when his goggles malfunctioned during the first race of a golden morning in China, the 23-year-old American squinted through water-filled lenses on the way to, yes, ANOTHER world record. He now has FIVE Golds in Beijing, and he has three more races to go...can you say MORE GOLD? Hands down he is the GREATEST OLYMPIAN EVER, there is NOW no disputing that....

In other news this am... Georgia's president accused Russia on Wednesday of violating the terms of a cease-fire deal by attacking and "rampaging" through the Georgian town of Gori. As I speak, the Russian tanks are attacking the town of Gori and are rampaging through the town," President Mikheil Saakashvili told a news conference. "There is marauding. There is destruction of buildings." However journalists in Gori said they had seen NO Russian tanks. Residents there told the journalists they had earlier seen "some" Russian tanks, but not in large numbers. Russia said its tanks were not in the city. The cease-fire plan was announced Tuesday...but it appears it may NOT be over...Mathew Chance continues reporting for us from Tblisis...


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