July 30th, 2008
08:41 PM ET

Tomorrow Buzz

Lisa Ort
AC360° Producer

Here’s a look at some of the stories on our radar for tomorrow:

RAW POLITICS: Sen. McCain will be at a town hall meeting in Racine, WI while Sen. Obama attends one in Cedar Rapids, IA.  President Bush is scheduled to make a statement on Iraq in the morning. 

TED STEVENS: Indicted Sen. Ted Stevens will make his first court appearance Thursday afternoon in Federal District Court in Washington. The Alaska Republican was indicted Tuesday on charges of lying about receiving gifts from an Alaska-based energy company on whose behalf he intervened in Washington.  Stevens has denied the charges. 

MILITARY SEXUAL ASSAULTS HEARING: The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s National Security and Foreign Affairs Subcommittee holds a hearing on "Sexual Assault in the Military."

11-YEAR-OLD COMPETENCY HEARING: Scheduled date of hearing for Semaj Booker. In early 2007, 9-year-old Booker led police on a high speed chase in a stolen car. Days later, he talked his way onto a flight from Seattle to San Antonio. He was caught when he tried to board a flight to Dallas. He was arrested in July 2008 on suspicion of burglary.

SIMPSON HEARING: Scheduled date of court hearing for O.J. Simpson, currently awaiting trial on robbery charges in connection to an incident at a Las Vegas hotel in 2007.

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  1. Jeremiah T. Nimely, Sr.

    Obama is and will be one of those Leaders that shall bring about change in the world, for one fact is that he speak and pointout thing that are real. The world need to turned on a new page, that the scale of human life may be balance.That the result of all dreamer's dreams may come to passed.

    July 31, 2008 at 12:13 am |
  2. GRANT

    I would like to know why no one is talking about the article in the Arizona Republic dated 08/24/94 that states ,Cindy McCain stole pain pills(percocet and vicatin) from the American Volutary Medical Team of which she was president ! the article goes on to explain that she abused her husband's office and diplomatic privileges by transporting them overseas! these are schedule 2 drugs. The next day the Phoenix Gazette reports that she tried to prevent the correct info from reaching the DEA.................what gives?

    July 30, 2008 at 11:22 pm |
  3. seah ohio

    Obama the King of dirty smear campaigns, the dirty tactics he learned in Chicago. Running that ad about McCain, Obama will never Change he is evil.

    Ludacris Obama's friend gets down and dirty about Hillary, McCain and Jackson. I see obama not objecting about it. wonder if Obama taught him how to run a evil smear campaign? Obama is for it, until he himself speaks out against it.

    July 30, 2008 at 10:05 pm |
  4. James

    How many great black leaders are there in the world today? Zero by my count.America better wake up soon.I live in south Louisianna,where we have a large population of blacks and I sure would not want any of them being president of the dog pound much less president of the U.S.A.

    July 30, 2008 at 10:04 pm |
  5. penny from North Carolina

    "Speaking on politics, Manic McCain is clinical. He is a manic depressive out on the campaign trail. Quite common problems for Vietnam Veterans. That is why using attack commercials with Paris Hilton. They are not in his generation. Even his media camp are manics. He needs to go back to his old job as a POW"

    July 30, 2008 at 9:07 pm |