June 20th, 2008
02:00 PM ET

A little levee seepage - why worry?

Drew Griffin reports on the threat to East St. Louis, Ill., posed by the floodwaters of the mighty Mississippi.
Drew Griffin reports on the threat to East St. Louis, Ill., posed by the floodwaters of the mighty Mississippi.

Drew Griffin
Special Investigations Unit

East Saint Louis, Illinois is not prepared for a major flood.

Fortunately it looks like the city won't have to be. So many levees have been topped upstream, the pressure is now off this economically depressed town. But what is surprising to me, so many years now after Katrina, is that East St. Louis has not learned the lesson of New Orleans.

The levees that protect this city are not strong enough to withstand a major flood. The Army Corp. of Engineers is in the process of decertifying the levees, which means the Corp. does not have confidence they will hold. And yet the mayor and city manager seem only mildly concerned.

In fact when I visited the city manager in his office yesterday it was apparent he had not even been keeping up with the flood forecasts for his city.... Worse yet, we actually took him to a spot where he was surprised to see seepage in one of his levees, the initial warning stage of failure.

What the Mayor and city manager told me is Congress and the state and basically someone else needs to get busy fixing their levee.

Sound familiar?

June 20th, 2008
01:50 PM ET

Is it Obama's energy policy–or George Bush's?

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Leslie Sanchez
GOP Strategiest and 360 Contributor

The November election may turn – not on the situation in Iraq as was once believed- but the price of gasoline at the pump. Or at least on which of the two candidates – John McCain or Barrack Obama – has what voters believe he has the more credible plan to bring it down.

Now, the rhetoric on this issue has been extremely heated and, among Democrats, is fueled, no pun intended, by charges that the Bush energy policy is by and for the so-called big oil companies. But is that really the case?

In fact, the Bush policy – while recognizing the important role that fossil fuels will play for America and the world for some time – is heavy on the development of clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels. Since 2001, the Bush team has invested almost $22 billion in clean energy R & D. In 2007 alone, they've put almost $1 billion into the development of new generation biofuels like cellulosic ethanol, which is made from plants that are not – unlike corn – part of the food chain.

That's the Bush policy. And, according to his campaign Website, it's the Obama policy too. Let's review the headlines... FULL POST

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June 20th, 2008
10:21 AM ET

The flood, sandbags and children

CNN's Gary Tuchman reports on how one town is bracing for the fury of the Mississippi floods.
CNN's Gary Tuchman reports on how one town is bracing for the fury of the Mississippi floods.

Gary Tuchman
AC360° Correspondent

I spent Thursday night watching people who literally have the power to save an American town.

Hundreds of men, women, and children were filling sandbags at the high school in the small town of Winfield, Missouri.

Sandbags can, and do stop floodwaters from breaching levees. So the work these people are doing, while strenuous, is incredibly valuable and rewarding.


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June 20th, 2008
07:05 AM ET

Morning Buzz: Politics and pregnancy pacts? Oh my...

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Good Morning...

Here are a couple of the topics we are looking at today...

Sen. John McCain is firing back....late Thursday he accused Sen. Barack Obama of breaking a promise when he decided to forgo public financing in this fall's campaign and Mccain said that Obama's move to drop out of the system "should be disturbing to all Americans..." "Sen. Obama's reversal on public financing is one of a number of reversals ... that he has taken," "This election is about a lot of things, but it's also about trust. It's also about whether you can take people's word. ... He said he would stick to his agreement. He didn't." AND McCain said that Obama is "just another typical politician who will do and say whatever is most expedient for Barack Obama." BUT BUT BUT he also said that "he may decide to opt out, too." Ahhh gotta love politics... Well, John McCain will be in Ottawa today talking NAFTA, so I am his attacks on Obama will continue....Dana Bash will be along for the ride....Candy Crowley covers Obama, who meets today with Democratic Governors....

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