June 18th, 2008
07:32 AM ET

Morning Buzz: Rivers Flooding

Good morning...

Here are some of the stories we wanted to get you up-to-speed on:

The rising Mississippi River broke through a levee Tuesday, forcing authorities to rescue about a half-dozen people by helicopter, boat and four-wheeler as floodwaters moved south into Illinois and Missouri. Residents of this small town in Illinois, like many others who live along the banks of the surging Mississippi River, raced against the clock levees all along the mid-Mississippi were being topped with sandbags Tuesday as the river, fed by its flooded tributaries, continued to rise.

It appears that the Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will meet next week on June 26. According to reports, the former rivals will make a joint appearance in Washington next week before major Clinton fundraisers to bolster support for the presumptive Democratic nominee, their first side-by-side appearance since the long Democratic primary battle ended. Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton met privately in Washington on June 5, two days before Mrs. Clinton suspended her campaign and endorsed Mr. Obama. Aides said the two had not spoken or met since, but their respective campaign strategists are sharing information and cooperating as Mr. Obama expands his organization for the general election.

We'll also take a look at the influence of Michelle Obama - throughout the primary season Michelle Obama has been reaching out to women by holding small gatherings to discuss the challenges women face. Are women responding? With Mrs. Obama on The View. Randi Kaye takes a closer look at the potential first lady's relationship with women voters...

Cindy McCain is making a visit to Vietnam this week- In a symbolic move that highlights her international experiences and passion for childrens charities. She travels to Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia to renew her ties to programs like Operation Smile. Now that she's the wife of the presumptive GOP presidential candidate, her visit should help draw more press to her international charity work.

This week Al Gore tried making the argument that McCain is nothing more than a third Bush Term, a familiar refrain from the Obama camp. If the label sticks, Obama could be in good shape come the fall. But just how similar are McCain’s positions to Bush’s? We'll explore...

Abby Flantz, 25, and Erica Nelson, 23, were last seen on Thursday, June 12. The two women, both working in Alaska for the summer at a local wilderness lodge, were dropped by a shuttle bus at an access point to Denali's backcountry hiking area. The driver confirmed to officials that the pair had been dropped at the park Thursday, and other hikers reported seeing them on the trail about 15 miles from the park entrance. Flantz and Nelson had obtained a wilderness permit that morning for an overnight backpacking trip in the 9,500-square-mile park. They did not emerge from their trek on Friday, June 13, and their employers at the lodge reported the pair overdue to the National Park Service on Saturday when they failed to show up for work.

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  1. Kristen- Philadelphia, PA

    Hey yall…tons of news today. It’s really hard to hear about the flooding and now levees breaking. I feel helpless but sending out lots of prayers for all those affected daily.

    I am not impressed with the Obama and Clinton meeting. I am over Hillary, she campaigned hard did an extraordinary job but she lost. I don’t think coverage should be brought too much on her, lets just stick to the 2 candidates: McCain and Obama as well as the issues affecting our country. Hillary Clinton is not an issue nor is she a candidate.

    I have not really heard that much about Michelle except the negative comments she has made. I am interested in finding out more about her from her and not people interpreting her. Too bad I am missing The View (I’m at work) guess I need to do a you tube search tonight.

    Its great Cindy McCain does international charity work but at a time when a lot of Americans are hurting her and her husband seem to be clueless about it and more focused on what’s going on outside the US. I don’t know if that will help McCain in November.

    I too think McCain and Bush are fairly similar when comes to polices so I am interested in what you will report tonight.

    Sorry about the 2 missing women. I just have a question, how come missing people of color don’t make national headlines? How do you all decide which missing people get airtime and which don’t?

    Have a great day 🙂

    June 18, 2008 at 10:43 am |
  2. Cindy

    I can't believe that another levee broke out there. It amazes me that rain and water can cause so much destruction. Hopefully noone died! I hope this mess ends soon so these people can get back to their lives.

    Anything that they do to try to change Michelle Obama isn't going to help. People already have made up their mind about her. Either they like her or they don't.


    June 18, 2008 at 10:39 am |