June 3rd, 2008
11:36 AM ET

The final primaries... Suspense (or suspended anyway) on the tarmac

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Candy Crowley
CNN Senior Political Correspondent


I believe in accordance with squatters' rights, I now own O'Hare airport.

I will spare you the dreary story of how I came to be sitting in seat 8-B on an overheated plane so small my computer bag wouldn't fit in the overhead, wearing the same clothes I had on the day before when I left Washington DC for Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Today's travel tip: AMTRAK

But wherever we are, here we are. The eve of the end.

The famous final scene? I'm thinking so... 

I'm thinking after today the superdelegates will begin to fall his way and Obama goes over the top with delegates sometime this week. Or maybe the superdels will give her a couple days to do it on her own.... Either way then she would "suspend" her campaign to retain her delegates and some leverage and power to help shape things to come.

HRC said she wanted to wait until everyone votes. (Check) She said she wanted Michigan and Florida seated. (Half-check) She said she wanted somebody to reach the magic number of delegates to secure the nomination. (Future check) And everyone around her says she has absolutely no desire to tear the party in half. So I think we are nearly there.

Or not.

She said Sunday night it's too early to talk about exit strategies... Monday, she's out here campaigning.

After it's over, we will begin the vice-presidential chatter with a long list of names often referred to as the "short list."

Uh-oh, this plane, roughly the size of a Chevy Suburban, is rolling down the runway.....

Signing off from 8-B.
One last thing. If you drop your cellphone in the toilet, it won't work anymore.

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  1. SC Gal

    I Love the Clintons! They are the best.

    It seems like 18 million supporters feel the same way. I am old enough to remember the state of America when they were in office. Most blogs are a bunch of ‘kids” blogging as if they are voting for "American Idol" They have no idea what's going on.

    For anyone to even suggest that the Clintons aren't the best to straighten this country out shows their ignorance. The older generation knows what's going on.

    This was the worst media coverage I have ever seen in a primary election.

    The hateful remarks on TV and radio about President Clinton, Senator Clinton and Chelsea were outrageous. I have never seen such cruel remarks on blogs either.

    The worst of the coverage was when the media was accusing President Clinton to be a racist. It is a sad America, to hear that from anyone in the media.

    President Clinton didn’t deserve it. He could have had his office on Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park but chose to be in in Harlem NY to keep fighting for their rights.

    President Clinton so loved the poor and the oppressed African Americans. He has fought his whole life along with Senator Clinton to have their voices heard. For any black American to bad mouth President Clinton for that reason alone, is a disgrace.

    I am saddened by the Democratic Party, I have felt the pain of the Clinton family as they have had to endure the spin of the media and vicious remarks of Senator Obama’s pastor’s hateful remarks about them.

    I myself have decided to leave the party since they didn’t stand up for Michigan and Florida voters. That is the only reason that Obama won the nomination.

    I am hoping Senator Clinton would continue fighting for these “silenced” Americans regardless of the outcome.

    Personally, if I were Senator Clinton, I would fight to the end and then leave the party altogether.

    June 4, 2008 at 11:59 am |
  2. Charles, San Francisco

    I don't get why Obama is being pressured to pick Hillary for VP. To my recollection there has never been a public open fight to make someone VICE president especially when the VP usually sits and waits for something to go wrong - she can't do that. I also realize it is up to the president to empower the VP - don't trust her in that she would not carry out the wishes of the president. IF the situation were reversed would she be presured ~ NOT!!!! She would do it and have him just sit and wait. With this campaign Hillary basically told Barack to wait at the back of the line, he said no the time is now and so did the people. Many others in America have had to move and make way for new people and ideas from their jobs to their churches. MOVE ON HILLARY like many of us have had to do in this world!!!!!!

    June 4, 2008 at 11:13 am |
  3. Vivian

    In today's NY Times, Maureen Dowd did an excellent job of exposing the Clinton’s decision to obscure the Obama victory under a cloud. But Obama wasn’t the only one who was trying to revel in victory last night. Millions of Americans who have been waiting for this moment, and who recognize the impact of this nomination on World history, want to celebrate the beginning of a new era. Today it feels different to be an African American than it felt yesterday. And while Obama’s campaign is not based on race, last night America should have paused en mass to acknowledge the people who were denied citizenship, beaten, lynched, and exploited, yet stood up for justice so that we could reach this mark. That Hillary refused to acknowledge the moment is beyond inexcusable. So what is the substance of the cloud that Hillary Clinton is hanging over Obama’s head? What irreverence would cause her to squash an historical moment of healing for the people upon whose backs this country was built to protect her self-interest? Could it be that she is an unwitting victim of white-skin privilege? Or is it what Jeffrey Toobin called a “deranged narcissim”? What is CNN's excuse? What you all should have done was ignore her last night and kept the focus where it belonged!

    June 4, 2008 at 9:55 am |
  4. Virginia

    The voters did not stand a chance. The media and it's chosen pundits served up the democratic nomination to Obama.

    It may appear that not many share my opinion, but again Cnn will decide who's opinion is posted, so it's doubtful that there will be many who hold a different view.

    I have always watched CNN confident that I would recieve the facts to form my own conclusion. Now sadly Cnn forms the conclusion and airs content to support what they want the public to believe.


    June 4, 2008 at 9:47 am |
  5. B. Mcclary

    I am happy the Democratic nominee has been chosen and even happier to know that it is Barack Obama. I feel that Hillary Clinton was also a good candidate but it is over for her and she and Bill needs to move on. The Clinton's have had the opportunity to run the country and it was good, but it is over. I feel Obama should have the opportunity to choose his running mate and not be pressured by the media, choosing Hillary as a running mate is a fatal mistake for our country she may have the experience but it would be business as usual meaning no changes the same old ways of doing things.I am hoping that Barack Obama does not choose her for a running mate, he needs new blood to help lead this country toward the change he has talked about, and I feel Hillary Clinton is definetly not the one so I say no to a Barack and Clinton ticket. Senator Barack please don't do it

    June 4, 2008 at 8:56 am |
  6. DKS

    Good morning Candy – loved your post yesterday. I suspect you are out getting a new cell phone after yours went for a swim... Oh, and O'Hare – been there done that. Bummer.

    Seems like there was some coordination between Barack and Hillary before either of them spoke last night. Hillary hit the health care issue pretty hard, so did Barack. Does this signal Hillary as veep with a mission to deal with health care? White, older, blue collar workers (Hillary supporters) have been hit hard by health care costs and are on average in need of higher priced long term care. This is a demographic that Barack needs to win in November. Barack's established appeal to younger voters gets that demographic for him... plus a decent share of Hillary voters and it's a win.

    No matter what it has been exciting and encouraging to see people talking about politics again and getting excited by the process.

    And here's a travel hint: best mid west hub city: Indianapolis, if you can work it in your plans.

    June 4, 2008 at 8:24 am |
  7. Will

    Hillary Clintion should wholeheartedly jump to support Obama, the Democratic party, and America without hesitation. I further believe that, if offered, Hillary Clinton should accept the vice presidency (although it certainly appears that she and Obama's egos are too big for that and that the two of them really don't get a long or like one another very much) or any cabinet position (or any executive positions considered equal, if not even more powerful, than a cabinet position). My very own family's vote in the Florida primary was divided as follows: 1) my father (w/m, 67, retired attorney): Edwards, 2) my step-mother w/f, 57, attorney): Obama, 3) my mother (w/f, 67- retired social worker): Clinton, 4) my step-father (w/m, 64, retired federal civil servant): Clinton, 5) my sister (w/f, 43, disabled): Clinton, 6) myself (w/m, 38, attorney): Obama, 7) my wife (h/f, 37, student): Obama, 8) my step-daughter (h/f, 20, student affairs): Clinton. All of us except my wife have a 4 year college degree, and all of us were certain about our candidate choices, except my wife, who was going to vote for Hillary Clintion, but changed her mind and agreed that ethnic minorities (especially, but not just African Americans) need to be finally feel incorporated and believe they finally count as absolute equals as both AMERICANS and DEMOCRATS, and are recognized as the AMERICANS that they are first as opposed to being recognized first by the racially divisive titles African, Hispanics, etc., which lends to and tends to unfairly call their AMERICAN-NESS into question or make them appear to be merely quasi-AMERICANS or something less than full AMERICANS; and also agreed with my disgust on how long three recent presidents from two families, Bush and Clinton (despite my being pleased over all with the latter's presidency), have occupied the presidency, and how elitists have occupied and continue to occupy far too many positions of power in our Government. Nevertheless, in sum, any of my family, despite our differing choices, will certainly vote in the national election, and do so without hesitation for any Democrat whatsoever whose name appears on the ballot against John McCain. Whether Hillary Clinton's name is on the ballot won't be dispositive to either our decision to vote or vote Democrat, but all of us would currently be pleased to see her selected for a cabinet position or for another high level executive position. However, Clinton needs to be extremely careful, inasmuch as her current posturing and actions are self-defeating as opposed to self-preserving, and she certainly stands to lose a lot more than what she has already lost.

    June 4, 2008 at 7:49 am |
  8. Tanita

    America is in a bad shape. And you think Obama will fix this problems? You have no brain people. For the second time now on Democratic side you choose phony candidate. And it will be the end of America. End of your future and your children's future.
    Obama wants to talk to Iranian leader, he cannot debate Hillary Clinton. How he can do this with Ahmedinajad??? He is full of empty promises and you fall for this cheap staff. I'm sure you don't know exactly what kind of CHANGE he wants to make?... It is so sad, you have no brain Obama supporters, and Obama and his campaign manipulated you like idiots. Democratic Party leaders I'm amaized how naive and stupid you are. You want to give power so shady, inexperienced candidate who achieve nothing, who did nothing, just empty speeches. You have no brain and no shame. You want to declare that your party first nominate black candidate no matter who hi is. It is so irresponsible. Your party doesn't represent democracy anymore in America. This race was fixed from the very beginning. And all of you are bunch of traitors. You don't think about America. And Americans hate you for that. Soon you are going to lose your jobs. believe me. Your party after this election should not exist anymore.
    Nancy Pelosi, Reeve, Kennedy, Kerry, Edwards,Richardson, big mouth Dona Brazil all of you traitors you are going to pay for this betrayal. Don't assume people will forget before November. You are wrong. No OBAMA in
    the White House. No Rev Wright and loues Farrakhan in the Supreme Court, No Obama's wife as a first lady. All of them hate America. We will vote Republican.

    June 4, 2008 at 3:50 am |
  9. Donna Lee Ryan, San Rafael, California

    When Hillary brags about her victories doesn't anyone realize that he fought her with ONE HAND TIED BEHIND HIS BACK? In deference to all of her older white women supporters Obama was like Sidney Poitier in Lilies of the Field He did not use any of the BAGGAGE which is well known to the Republicans and to more than a few members of the prior Clinton administrations.. not .even the facts in Bernstein's book A Woman in Charge,,,He treated her with the respect a young black man was supposed to give to an older white woman... and in return she unleashed Carville to comment on his lack of (testicular fortitude) and Ickes to scream that she'd been robbed to enrage the wing nut fringe, She has opened the veins of the party and poured in venom. Would she have done the same to a white candidate?

    June 4, 2008 at 2:01 am |

    Cameron Davies - what did the Clinton's did to you? I wonder ?Please remember your country was well respected and well known all over the world during the Clinton days, America had the best economy ever.... some of you American's have very short memory or no memory at all... its like monkeys - someone starts up something and everyone does the same– that is what happened at the beginning of the Iraque war as well - Good judgement - I am not a politician but I was against that war - I call it instinct - not judgement...certainly you can argue that but time will prove me right that is my instinct... Obama will call his instict as .... BEST JUDGEMENT... and America will buy it with the help of CNN and the media cover up....
    I could never attend a church where hatred is the main issue instead of helping, really helping the poor and needy...Did you hear about the Clintons fundation that helps millions of HIV victims in Africa?

    June 4, 2008 at 1:45 am |
  11. Yvonne Kennedy

    I am not understanding why Barack Obama is being called an African American? Senator Obama is white and black, why is he being classified as one race? It is not fair for his white side to be ignored, it should be acknowleged along with his black side.

    Hail To The Chief!

    June 4, 2008 at 1:19 am |
  12. Diane B.

    Well Candy, you can keep O'Hare and Hillary, if you like? The rest of Chicago? Obama's!

    Too bad on this historic night, Hillary couldn't put her own self intersts aside and celebrate an American milestone but after all, what's really important here? Oh, yeah it's to treat HER majesty and her followers gentlely – obviously that's more important than recognizing what a proud moment in American history this is! As usual McCain was on Hillary's side with all his acolades- well, she's a sabotage agent for Republicans any way -she and McCain became the mutual admiration couple during the Democratic primary – Humm, what could possibly bond them and leave Barack out of the equation? – Oh yeah, they're both white! Even I as an ole white lady can see that a few thousand miles away. Get over it, Hillary, not smart enough, not rich enough (the campaign, not you personally), not strategic enough and above all, not likeable enough!

    June 4, 2008 at 1:19 am |
  13. ChuckinTucson

    To those that say they will vote for a republican because Clinton didn't win the nomination, please keep this in mind: In the next four years, there will be at least one maybe two new supreme court justices. If they are appointed by McCain, you can be sure they will be very socially conservative. McCain has said that one of his priorities is getting Roe v Wade overturned. Ask yourself if that is what you want. Along with things like the Defense of Marriage Act, Don't Ask/Don't Tell, et. al. Please, I beg you, vote democratic this November! Don't put us through what will surely be a Bush third term. Remember that as a senator, McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time.

    June 4, 2008 at 1:13 am |
  14. Diane B.

    Well Candy, you can keep O'Hare and Hillary, if you like? The rest of Chicago? Obama's!

    Too bad on this historic night, Hillary couldn't put her own self intersts aside and celebrate an American milestone but afte all, what's really important here? Oh, yeah it's to treat HER majesty and her followers gentlely – obviously that's more important than recognizing what a proud moment in American history this is! As usual McCain was on Hillary's side with all his acolades- well, she's a sabotage agent for Republicans any way -she and McCain became the mutual admiration couple during the Democratic primary – Humm, what could possibly bond them and leave Barack out of the equation? – Oh yeah, they're both white! Even I as an ole white lady can see that a few thousand miles away. Get over it, Hillary, not smart enough, not rich enough, not strategic enough and above all, not likeable enough!

    June 4, 2008 at 1:07 am |
  15. Jo Ann

    Kathie, Ontario.Canada; I couldn’t agree with you more. Sometimes I feel like some of the people on the outside of this process see things a little more clearly than the ones participating.

    Everything was calculated in this election. I guess this is the “new type” of “old politics,” but it is just a matter of doing anything to get your candidate elected. The DNC has had this planned since Obama gave the keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

    I don’t know why 360 insisted on having people cover the Clinton campaign who have an obvious bias against her. Crowley has always been rude and catty whenever she has covered the Clinton campaign and it isn’t fair to the viewers to keep forcing her on us. She is far from objective in her coverage; it would be really stretching the truth to even suggest that what she does is journalism.

    I can only imagine where we would be today if the MSM had been fair and had done their jobs reporting on Obama's negatives as ferociously as they did Clinton's. If the Clinton supporters are smart they will vote McCain in the fall to give Clinton a chance in four years.

    Jo Ann
    North Royalton, Ohio

    June 4, 2008 at 12:34 am |
  16. Janice

    I have to be honest here. In the beginning I was proud of both Hillary and Barack, two great democratic candidates. As the race steamed on I saw what I thought to be another side of the Clinton's. Nothing said in her campaign was by chance or mistake. She is too smart of a politician to make some of those so called mistakes. She, her camp, and her supporters have called Senator Obamah everything except for the equally qualified candidate that he is. I've watched her change her direction on everything that didn't go her way. When the rules are broken, there are consequences. We changed to rules to satisfy her campaign w/ FL. and MI. This rule had nothing to do with those voters but it was turned into just that by the Clinton camp. If the campaign can't follow the rules now, how do we think that she can follow the rules as Pres., the head of our country. Even as President, there are still rules that must be followed. Can she be trusted to do that? I think not.

    June 4, 2008 at 12:34 am |
  17. Esteban, Daly City, CA

    The art of treason.

    The end of the superpower is over

    The DNC is a joke

    In 2000 the Supreme Court took the election from us, this time it was our own party who stabbed the voters in the back; the Party we trusted and were loyal to....No more, I am quiting the Democratic for ever.

    Much to muy regreat, I will have no choice but to stay home or vote for Nader or Mcain in November. No way I will suport or vote for Obama,

    June 4, 2008 at 12:26 am |
  18. Carlos Feliciano,PR

    Hi Anderson;
    I would like that you let know and share to Obama's campaing that many people in PR vote against him in boicot and voting against actual PR Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila that is acused of violating the federal campaing laws when he was PR Resident Commisioner at the US Congress from 2000 to 2004. PR Governor was supporting Obamas and people are angry and do not like him anymore, There are so many people that would had vote for Obam otherwise. Thanks.
    Carlos Feliciano, Aguada PR .

    June 4, 2008 at 12:20 am |
  19. Ella Harris

    I really think it's time to stop polarizing everything possible. After all life does and can existance where opposites attract and co-exist, i.e. male/female, left/right, black/white, Dems/Republicans, young/old. Why do our egos keep us from blending and working for the common good of our country and mankind. I don't foresee that there will ever be a time when any one sector can be separate and isolated from another. This whole attitude that we are not our brothers keepers nationally and globally has got to CHANGE or we will fall (many great nations have) as we polarize, resist and refuse compromise and change.

    Will someone stongly sugget to Hillary to pull up, let go and seek unity and JUST STOP. If she were a child she would be in time out. There are many of us who are tired of her selfish tunnel vision.

    Experience has gotten us in a fine mess. CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE IS CRITICAL.

    June 4, 2008 at 12:18 am |
  20. Denise NJ

    The other thing I was thinking is why is it that Hillary has to concede tonight?? Ron Paul didn't concede the same pm that McCain won!! In Fact he didn't concede until several days after McCain clinched the GOP nomination. It isn't an automatic deal one wins one must concede. I think it is more appropriate that she give her devoted followers a little time to grow adjusted to the idea of figurig this out.

    June 4, 2008 at 12:17 am |
  21. Charles Brown

    Senator Clinton is really displaying her B-- side and is attempting to pimp the poor souls who don't get it! Time bring change and it is a time for change to help heal and make our country a better place This sort of political pimping of people should not be allow, and represent business as usual politics! Senator Clinton blew it with her bow to the Queen attitude She should have conceded for the sake of the party but most important for the sake of unity of our country. There are many other woman that would a better vice president then Senator Clinton such as the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi Sentor! Clinton and her husband has done enough damage and need to not only quit and concede but to give politics up There is no dream team and Sentor Obama needs to stop kissing butt He humbled himself enough!

    June 4, 2008 at 12:08 am |
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