June 2nd, 2008
07:24 AM ET

Morning Buzz


A HUGE win yesterday for Hillary Clinton in the Puerto Rico primary...she garnered 68% of the vote to Obama's 32%. AND finally ALL the votes in Florida and Michigan have been divided up...The DNC rules committee came to a compromise on Saturday with regard to the Florida and Michigan votes, with each getting a half-vote to penalize the states for moving their primaries earlier than the party had approved. The committee's ruling gave Clinton 105 pledged delegates from Florida and 69 from Michigan, so half would give her 87 votes. Obama received 67 pledged delegates from Florida and 59 from Michigan, half would give him a total of 63 votes. That tally leaves Obama ahead by the equivalent of 174 delegates. Obama needs 48 delegates to clinch the democratic nomination... Clinton could appeal the decision at the convention in Denver in August...

BUT NOT all are happy about the division of delegates...Clinton backers vowed to fight the Michigan decision, which gave the New York senator Only 10-delegate edge over Obama in a state where Obama's name didn't EVEN appear on the primary ballot. PLUS some voters in Florida are upset, too. John Zarrella will give us the latest from the sunshine state...


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