May 21st, 2008
10:37 AM ET

Battling 'Compassion Fatigue'

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/05/21/art.mynamar.aid.jpg caption="A homeless Burmese boy drinks clean water at a monastery for a temporary shelter on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar."]

Editor’s note: World Vision is a Christian-based humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide. Laura Cusumano Blank works for the organization. She shares her experiences with us:

Laura Cusumano Blank
World Vision emergency communications officer

Two weeks ago, Myanmar was the lead story in every broadcast, the cover story of every newspaper.

But that's yesterday's news.

Since Cyclone Nargis hit the coast of this tiny country in Southeast Asia, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck China and violent attacks have spread throughout South Africa. And that's just this week's headlines.

I'll be honest. There was a day earlier this week when I couldn't take another news report about Myanmar. I couldn't tell one more story about a child becoming an orphan. I couldn't watch one more clip of people running after food being thrown from a truck because they were so desperate for a handful of rice...   FULL POST

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May 21st, 2008
10:06 AM ET

The winner loses, and the loser wins

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/05/21/art.demprimarysplit.jpg]

Barclay Palmer
360° Senior Producer

Whether the Democrats’ primary race is effectively over or not, the drama is remarkable, isn’t it? Last night, Hillary Clinton won a massive 35-point victory over Barack Obama in Kentucky, and he won a more modest 16-point victory over her in Oregon, with fewer delegates at stake.

On any normal political night, that would make her the victor.. right? But this isn't a normal race.

The night gave Obama a majority of all the delegates, bringing him to say that victory is "within reach." That makes him the victor last night.. right?

The Democratic campaign has been like that all along, with more plot twists than a TV series, or a Shakespeare play.

A week ago, political experts were saying Obama already had the race sewn up. And yet Clinton won West Virginia by a 41% margin. That is a massive lead by any standard, and just like last night's totals, it suggests a large number of Democrats have doubts about Obama. That night was a reprise of April 22, when Clinton's 10-point victory in Pennsylvania breathed new life and millions of dollars into her campaign.

Two weeks ago, we had a split decision similar to last night's, but on that night Obama walked away with the bigger margin in the bigger state, 14 points in North Carolina versus Clinton's 2 points in Indiana.

And on March 4, they had a similar split decision, with Clinton taking Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island, and Obama taking Vermont.

But wait–Obama won Mississippi and Wyoming along the way, and a majority of the states and, now, a majority of the delegates.

That raises the question: Is it really over, and he has won, and HIllary is just making history (and more drama)?


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May 21st, 2008
07:02 AM ET

Morning Buzz

Morning folks...

Clinton crushed Obama in Kentucky in last night's primary by 35 points...Not all the votes are in Oregon, yet...but it looks like Obama has a pretty good majority there and CNN projected his victory...SOOOOOO what does this all mean? Well, as I said yesterday...IT feels like GROUNDHOG DAY, yet again!!! A split in the primaries...each declaring victory...we have all seen this movie before....BUT despite Hillary Clinton's landslide victory in Kentucky, Barack Obama did win a majority of pledged delegates in the race for the Democratic nomination. AND no one has won the Democratic nomination without winning a "majority." Ironically, BOTH candidates are in Florida today and our Candy Crowley will be on the trail with them. BUT wait...the Florida primary already happened..oh right, but the votes didn't count!!! Then why are BOTH stumping there? Candy  will sort it our for us. PLUS John King will be at his magic board Keeping us Honest on all the votes...pledged and popular...

BUT what seemed to cast a shadow over both victories last night, was the news about Senator Ted Kennedy.

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