May 6th, 2008
06:40 AM ET

Morning Buzz

Morning folks...

IT IS DECISION DAY in Indiana and North Carolina...The polls have been open for 30 minutes already in Indiana and JUST opened in North Carolina. VOTER turnout is expected to be HUGE today...A LOT on the line today for both candidates. Analysts say Hillary MUST win one of the two states to justify staying in the race...but will or can Obama finally seal the deal and win BOTH states? It is just TOO CLOSE to call...ALL eyes BETTER be on CNN tonight...Anderson and the "best political team on TV" will take to the air at 7pm to and will have all the analysis and all the votes...

A quick look at the morning papers...It is ALL politics...take a look...

CNN: Indiana & North Carolina –The Final Round...In all, 187 delegates are at stake in Indiana and North Carolina. Clinton, the junior senator from New York, knows that the results in these two states could shake up the race.

WASHINGTON POST: Two Candidates, Two States and One Big Day...On a final, fevered day of campaigning, Sen. Barack Obama looked to voters in Indiana and North Carolina to reverse a string of defeats in key states, while Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton fought to keep her improbable comeback hopes alive with a pair of strong showings.

POLITICO: Clinton Fate Hangs In The Balance...If Hillary Clinton wins in either Indiana or North Carolina Tuesday, the primary election terrain suddenly begins to look more favorable to her than at any other point since Super Tuesday Feb. 5.

CNN: Clinton Goes Negative in Last Minute Ad...Hoping the proposal to suspend the gas tax will resonate with working class voters in Indiana and North Carolina, the Clinton campaign launched a last-minute ad in those states Monday that sharply attacks rival Barack Obama for not supporting the measure.

LATIMES: Indiana May Feel Coattail Effect in the Fall...Voters in Indiana and North Carolina go the polls today in the biggest day of balloting left on the waning presidential primary campaign calendar. Most have little at risk.But for members of Congress, who are among the superdelegates holding the outcome of the Democratic contest in their hands, the stakes are more personal. For those facing tough reelection fights - in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and here in Indiana - political survival could depend on their choice and on which candidate, Clinton or Obama, leads the ticket in November.

NY TIMES: For Two Primaries, Several Scenarios...It’s almost over. Well, not quite. But the Democratic presidential primaries taking place on Tuesday in North Carolina and Indiana have more delegates up for grabs than any of the remaining contests. For political, demographic and mathematical reasons, those states have the potential to reshape the competition between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

WASHINTON POST: Who's More Red, White and Blue-Collar? The presidential race has turned into a riveting competition for ordinariness, as both campaigns have concluded that whoever does a better job of winning over voters - an average blue-collar adult in an average American town of 60,000 - is more likely to triumph in Tuesday's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina.

USA TODAY: Candidates Rely On Family To Help Get Message Out...On the eve of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton dispatched some of their most powerful surrogates to get out the vote: their relatives.

LA TIMES: Barack Obama Is Pushing A Regular-Guy Image...Forget the eloquent speeches, the elegant suits and the Ivy League pedigree; Barack Obama is not so different from you, just a regular guy. With an eye to white working-class voters, Obama has recalibrated his image to bat away impressions that he is out of touch, an elitist.

WSJ: Trade Stances Reframed For Indiana, North Carolina...Weeks after slamming the North American Free Trade Agreement in Ohio, Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have retooled their messages for Indiana and North Carolina, states that have made gains from free trade amid losses elsewhere.

ALL for now...

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  1. Mike in NYC

    Will somebody tell me what Bill Schneider's been smoking:

    "It would be a game changer if Clinton wins both North Carolina and Indiana by double-digit margins."

    He's always been an Obama partisan, but setting the bar so ridiculously high takes real gumption, not to mention real contempt for his audience's intelligence.

    Clinton cannot win NC, due to the AA vote, and she doesn't have to.

    To change the game, all she has to do is lose NC by single digits, and win IN, even by a few percent.

    May 6, 2008 at 9:59 am |
  2. Carl Boyer

    Dear Anderson,

    The Barack Obama Champaign has made it clear to many lifelong Democrats that the Democratic Party is moving too far to the left. Many Democrats who hold patriotism, values of Church, gun rights and who are shocked by the continuous charges of racism will automatically be attracted to a moderate Republican like, John McCain. The fact is, despite all the rhetoric by Barack Obama, moderates, like John McCain or Hillary Clinton stand a much better chance of negotiating change. To believe that if Barack Obama is elected president that the lobbyist and those representing special interest are going to through up their hands and leave Washington, D.C. is insane. Anyone who believes that Barack Obama can eliminate the lobbyist effort in Washington, D.C. is out of touch with reality and the Constitution – to include the power of corporate money and political influence.
    Ogden, UT

    May 6, 2008 at 9:58 am |
  3. angie

    Today is the day. Who is the big dog in the dem race, at this point i'm confused how the lies clinton tell just slip by people. Tax holiday??...HOW!!!! she's not president she hasn't the power to do that. I hope people of indiana and north carolina will see through that sham and vote for obama. Yes he's on the rope but he can come back with the truth which he is saying about the tax holiday. I can say one thing though this contest is making him stronger and the rev wright thing coming out now is a good thing because come november people will be so sick and tired of hearing about it it will not be a big thing then.

    May 6, 2008 at 9:49 am |
  4. Kim in NY

    WOW - 15,000 dead and millions homeless in Burma and all the newspapers can talk about is us. A primary (although very exciting in the world of politics) no less. I know very little information comes out of Burma, but can someone report something.......

    May 6, 2008 at 6:58 am |