April 23rd, 2008
09:07 PM ET

Despite Pennsylvania, Obama's the Winner

Rep. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.
(D) Illinois, Democratic superdelegate and supporter of Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama is still in the lead, maintaining his strong position to win the Democratic nomination for president.

Last night, Hillary Clinton did the expected - she won the Pennsylvania primary.  For her, the contest was a "home game" in which she was the overwhelming favorite.  In tennis parlance, she "held serve."

Weeks ago, Senator Clinton had been up in the polls by a whopping 25 points.  By last night, Senator Barack Obama had cut that lead by more than half and denied Clinton her last, best chance to make significant inroads in Obama's pledged delegate lead of 171 delegates.  Senator Clinton barely made a dent, winning a net-gain of only about 10 pledged delegates.

No doubt, you'll be hearing a lot from the Clinton campaign about "big states" and their bearing on the general election.  Despite the Clinton camp's hype and hoopla, Senator Barack Obama still has won more contests, more popular votes, more states and more key battlegrounds - like Missouri, Colorado, Minnesota, Virginia, Wisconsin and Iowa - than Clinton.  Most importantly, he's won more pledged delegates.

So, let's be clear-eyed and fair-minded and dispose of the tortured, dare I say, Clintonian, logic.  This primary is a race for delegates, and Barack Obama has acquired a nearly insurmountable lead.

Between now and the last primary on June 3rd, I believe more and more superdelegates will do what's right and move to ratify - not nullify - the will and votes of the people.  Even after the Pennsylvania primary, Senator Obama remains the best candidate to take on and beat John McCain in the fall.  He's ready to unite the country and begin a new chapter in our history.  "Advantage" - the American people!   

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  1. Audrea (Chicago)

    We are so caught up in all this hoopla we are forgetting to keep our eye on the prize. The white house in November. All this mud slingging and lies are hurting the party not just the person. The race has two top contendors, we should be embrassing the fact that we have two intelegant canidates. I believe that Obama can win. The reality is I'm am a democrate and I want change and I will vote for the democrate that is left standing. I urge you to do the same. Good looking out Rep. Jackson,Jr.

    April 25, 2008 at 9:03 am |
  2. A.

    Politics and politicians all have a reputation for saying what needs to be said to get elected. Americans do not trust the traditional politician, and rightly so. Both Candidates will represent the Democrats well. However, if we are looking to continue to build this great nation, it is time for everyone to open their eyes, ears, hearts and minds and focus on what the Candidates say and do, not what their strategists, speech writers, friends, supporters, pastors or anyone else says or does. We need to judge Candidates on their own accords. And, we need to eliminate the snake mentality by creating marketing campaigns that evoke fear at the eleventh-hour of an election. What are the true values of the Candidates? We've recruited millions of first-time voters.... Please do not continue to contribute to this madness and paint the picture of content, hatred, and bitterness. Americans are angry–call it what you want. We are all crying "GOD HELP US!" We need to unite this party, identify a Democratic candidate that can truly move this nation forward, and focus on what really matters – insane gas prices, families not able to afford to put food on their tables, millions of home foreclosures, families losing loved ones because we are fighting a battle that has no relevance, companies closing their doors because consumers aren't spending, dwindling educational loan offerings, children conspiring to kill teachers beacuse they can't deal with the stresses of everyday life, etc. Stop the madness and move on and select a Candidate now. Barack Obama has transformed this nation by energizing new voters, young/old, various ethinic groups and religions. He is the Candidate of choice!

    April 25, 2008 at 8:38 am |
  3. Theresa Neal

    A house divided against itself cannot stand. Many of us are missing the mark. We should be examining the records of the candidate of our choosing and support them. That does not entitle us to go on a tirade against the other candidate on non issue related findings, which only stimulates dirty politics, which we claim we abhore. Should the democrate of my choosing not win the nomination, I will continue to support the party. We still win. On the other hand, those reportedly willing to switch parties if their candidate doesn't win....then...they win...and no one wants you bending their ears with your complaints. Go ahead...if you want 4 more years!!

    April 25, 2008 at 1:39 am |
  4. marie

    Hillary is the one moderate candidate who can win. Moderate is what our country wants at this time. Pennsylvanians are smart people-we saw the goodness of Hillary and the smartness of her plans for the saving of our country. She has real plans, not just rhetoric. By the way, we in Pennsylvania did not think Obama was very good at speaking-we did not see the magic that had been widely reported for months in the media.

    April 24, 2008 at 11:07 pm |
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